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  • RE: Nested triggers 1

    Hugo Kornelis (4/23/2013)

    The same applies to QotD authors. "Kill your darlings".(My own QotD's probably suffer from the same problem -though I don't think I've ever had *this* amount of...

  • RE: COUNT() Function

    Hugo Kornelis (4/16/2013)

    And for the sake of completeness - the use of COUNT(1) instead of COUNT(*) to count the number of rows is very common. Long ago (I think it...


    sestell1 (4/9/2013)

    Arrrr, ya got me. I fell for the logic error and completely missed the TEXT data type.


    I recently corrected an error in a trigger code thats using COUNT(*)...


    Revenant (4/2/2013)

    I like to terminate each statement with a semicolon and I made this mistake years ago: "Experience is an euphemism for our past mistakes."


    I had the same tendency and...


    Hugo Kornelis (4/2/2013)

    Good question, but the explanation falls a bit short. I was very disappointed when I first saw this behaviour. A semicolon is a statement terminator and should be...

  • RE: LEN()

    Thanks for the easy question to end the day... haha.. I got burnt with the LEN overlooking the leading spaces once...Good that I remember a lesson learnt in the past.....

  • RE: Truncate Table

    AAhhhh!!!!!! This one hurts.. I didn't trust my instincts and on top was lazy to check...

  • RE: Delete v Truncate

    sknox (3/21/2013)

    Mechanically, TRUNCATE TABLE is DDL: It doesn't act on the row data, but on the metadata (this is why you need ddladmin rights.)

    But functionally it's DML: its function...

  • RE: Full-Text Search – Thesaurus Languages

    sestell1 (3/19/2013)

    Interesting question. In researching this, I was amazed how many posts I found stating that SQL Server needed to be restarted after changing a thesaurus file.

    aahh!!! As soon...

  • RE: Precision required

    L' Eomot Inversé (3/14/2013)

    Nice question and correct answer (pity about the locale issue, though).

    Unfortunately, the explanation is rather wrong - not surprising, as the BOL page on smalldatetime also gets...


    As soon as I saw the options,

    My BRAIN: Its easy! There could be some rows returned based on the sysdatetime() entry like in case of '2013-03-12 11:25:21.290000' which...

  • RE: OUTPUT - 1

    I learnt something new today.. I got the answer right but after reading about output and taking for granted the default case insensitive collation. But when I realized that output...

  • RE: Locking Hints

    hey hey I got it right but have to admitt I overlooked the mispelled with and went ahead.. thanks for the qotd

  • RE: THROW - 1

    wolfkillj (2/20/2013)

    L' Eomot Inversé (2/20/2013)

    Nice interesting question.

    I really must upgrade and get SQL2012 so that I can start playing with this stuff instead of just reading about it.

    If people have...

  • RE: Update with CASE statement

    A 'confusingly' straightforward question 😉

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