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  • RE: Add Styles to Your Reporting Services Reports

    Good information.

    However, imagine there are ~30 odd reports. Single change will trigger modification in ~30 reports. Suggest to use custom DLL, which can be accessed easily using custom code....

  • RE: The FILESTREAM Data Type in SQL Server 2008


    Interesting topic and well written.

    For those who are wondering about achieving the same functionality in SQL Server 2005, it should be possible to use using .NET CLR programming (like writing...

  • RE: Custom Report Item - Part I


    I would be glad to help. But i am not sure how can i do that...!!! Do you want to send you some URLs??

    I would suggest to do GOOGLING and...

  • RE: Distributing SQL Server Databases


    Database for a web application can be installed using the same technique. You will be creating a setup for you web-site. So, integrating the logic of Installer class, including the...

  • RE: Custom Report Item - Part I

    Custom Report Item is very interesting and it involves very specific syntaxes to achieve what we want. I will have Part 2 listed soon.

    Also, there are lots of other options...

  • RE: Working With SqlParameter in .NET

    scott mcnitt (11/9/2007)

    For those of us coming from the old ADO world, do the parameter names have to exactly match the sproc parm names? In ADO the ordinal position mattered...

  • RE: - V3


    The look n feel is really nice.

    One thing which is missing is the link to the author page. Also, there used to be a link which showed the list...

  • RE: Web Data Adminstrator

    I have been using this tool for few months now. Only thing which impresed me was the response time compared to the Management Studio.

    Note: You should be careful in deleting database objects...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 22 Jun 2007

    I feel the third option is the correct answer, OR should i say a better answer. (You need to build a second report and link it to this report.)

    The second option...

  • RE: Deploying Reports

    Somehow the link for the zip file is missing. I have raised a request to the moderator to make it work. Sorry for the trouble...

  • RE: Advanced XML Processing

    Nicely done... simple and easy language.

    Keep it up!!!

  • RE: Jump to Report property


    Make sure that you are assigning the proper values to your parameters [for the report which you are calling in "Jump To report"].

  • RE: Adding Custom Code To Reporting Services

    In Reporting services, the type-validation is not done. The values are converted implicitly.

    If you pass ("1,2,3") to an int parameter in the function, then it is considered as 123.

    If ("1,2,3") is passed...

  • RE: Ideas for


    I feel that there is a need of a direct link to the discussion page from each article.

    For example: The current display is:

    Ideas for


  • RE: Using OpenXML

    The parameter passed to the stored procedure can be assigned the XML file from the application.

    For example: In .NET,

    - Create a dataset.

    - Get XML-string using the <DataSetName>.GetXml() function.

    - Pass this XML-string...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 48 total)