Distributing SQL Server Databases

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  • A great article for its purpose - well done.

    A note, however, that software vendors should not assume that they will be permitted server admin access to a data server to install their app. It is worthwhile to have this as one option, for the shops that don't really manage their servers.

    In better managed situations, people like me will not permit vendors to use server admin for any purpose. I will go ahead and set up the db according to your specs, and give it to you with dbo access: you can do anything you want inside the boundaries of your db, but no special privs on the server.

    Otherwise, I have no way to verify the security of the other databases.

    Again, not a criticism of the article! But a warning to those who would use it - to do it appropriately.

    roger reid

    Roger L Reid

  • Hello.

    Your only work if you build a desktop application,

    if i'm decide to build a web application,

    do you have any idea to solve my problem.

    thank you

  • Hi,

    Database for a web application can be installed using the same technique. You will be creating a setup for you web-site. So, integrating the logic of Installer class, including the sql script files in the web-site setup and executing the scripts will allow you to install your database.

    If you take my suggestion, installers for database should be separate from your application/website. It is good to integrate all the tasks in one setup, but looking forward in terms of maintainability, it is not recommended.


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