Custom Report Item - Part I

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  • Really looking forward to part 2!

    We were trying to do this, finally tried to use a stored procedure and got snagged trying to access all the .net image libraries from within SQL Server. Several folks here recommended against doing that in the forum.

    Thank you so much for this, very interested is seeing how you accomplished it.

    It was much trickier than expected and very tough to de-bug.

    much appreciated!

    Skål - jh

  • Any indication on when Part 2 may be released?

    I am also very interested in this topic, and really looking forward to an easy step by step guide to follow for implementing CRI.

  • Custom Report Item is very interesting and it involves very specific syntaxes to achieve what we want. I will have Part 2 listed soon.

    Also, there are lots of other options available with CRI. All this will be taken part-by-part.


  • Hello Vassant,

    I am new to SQL and I'd like to know more about creating custom reports, writing queries and stored procedures for these reports in a SQL server 2005 environment. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    I would be glad to help. But i am not sure how can i do that...!!! Do you want to send you some URLs??

    I would suggest to do GOOGLING and if you have specific queries.. i will surely try to help you out.


  • Hi Raj,

    Any news on when we can expect part 2?


  • Excellent effort, really like the idea. Looking forward to part II!

    Raj, if you would set up a codeplex project for this, i will help you out having a go at this.


  • An actual example from MSDN magazine. Hope this helps those who are waiting for the 2nd part


  • Hi Vasant, Is there any chance you would be posting further post on this topic, I would be eagerly waiting for this.

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