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  • RE: Between & Collation

    L' Eomot Inversé (8/29/2013)

    Good question.

    ... in case sensitive collations ''sysygy' would sort before 'Sally', but in practice it sorts after 'Sally' regardless of whether the collation is case sensitive or...

  • RE: Between & Collation

    Hugo Kornelis (8/29/2013)


    Nice question. I decided to rely on my memory of lowercase/uppercase order instead of double checking. Bad decision. 😉

    As the statistic on the results shows an almost fifty-fifty...

  • RE: Between & Collation

    Good question. It raises, for me, a question: in the case that the _CS option is not specified, "SQL Server considers the uppercase and lowercase versions of letters...

  • RE: Stunned

    I have seen very good male nurse and very good female boss. Good and smart people do not depend on the sex, the color of the skin, the language,...

  • RE: CONCAT 1

    Just to add my tiny experience here about Null, if I may.

    I had those statistics Views created from many tables. Every source tables were loaded from different group...

  • RE: CONCAT 1

    Nice reading you guys!

    Hugo, you should write a book!

    Thanks Ron, that was a nice and an entertaining question!

  • RE: View - 8

    Hugo Kornelis (10/8/2012)

    ...You may use SSMS, but not everyone does...

    Just to let you know that also some people reading the QotD might never use anything else then the SSMS because......

  • RE: APPLY - 2

    Never heard of "Apply" before.

    Nice to know that "The difference between join and APPLY operator becomes evident when you have a table-valued expression on the right side and...

  • RE: APPLY - 1

    This was a good question for me: I did not really knew about APPLY so I had to make some test to compare with JOIN: CROSS APPLY vs INNER JOIN...

  • RE: Table Variable

    Do you want to laugth at someone? Well, here you have the opportunity: I got it wrong because for me 2005 and 2012 were "date", not money and because the...

  • RE: BIT Conversions

    Easy question as I had to face it in my programming some time ago!


  • RE: How to reset the list of backup for a restore process?

    GilaMonster (8/14/2012)

    tilew-948340 (8/13/2012)

    But... when you say "not SIMPLE database restore" you mean "not easy to do" or you reference to the type of DB (simple vs full)?

    Not easy to do....

  • RE: DATEADD function

    Amazing command that dateadd having datepart second, month, etc. Need to know what you are doing when you use it...

    From the explanation, it says that:

    If datepart is month and...

  • RE: How to reset the list of backup for a restore process?

    Perry Whittle (8/13/2012)

    use this to delete backup\restore history for a specific database

    use msdb;


    exec sp_delete_database_backuphistory @database_name = 'yourdbname'

    Seems to do the job!!!!

    Thank you very very much!!!

  • RE: How to reset the list of backup for a restore process?

    GilaMonster (8/13/2012)

    Restore files and filegroup doesn't sound like something you want to do. That's for piecemeal restore and partial restores, not simple database restores.

    Screenshot please? Attach it to your post.


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