Table Variable

  • Nice question Sreepathi, Thanx for the easy point 🙂

  • Excellent question. I remember this causing me a great deal of confusion when I first ran into it.

  • Great question, made me think and re-read twice.

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  • Not all the rules have an exception, unless you use table variables in transactions 😀

    I'm glad I did my homework about table variables when I studied that theme.

  • Do you want to laugth at someone? Well, here you have the opportunity: I got it wrong because for me 2005 and 2012 were "date", not money and because the second one was null, so the answer I choose, was zero 🙂

    I don't drink coffee... maybe I should start 🙂

  • Nice question

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  • Great question!

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  • Nice question, was doing too many things at once and chose the wrong answer. Doh!

  • Very good question. Thanks.

  • Great question - was not aware of that issue with SQL variables at all. Leanred something very important this morning!:cool:

  • Wrong here. Probably because I don't know anything about table variables, or try/catch for that matter. One of these days I'll move beyond Visual FoxPro 6. 😀

  • Very good question, thanks.

  • Mainly...........

    The "ROLLBACK TRANSACTION" does not work with table variables.

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