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  • RE: SQL Crossword 2 SELECT Keywords

    Did the key to this ever get published?  Maybe it has but I don't see it.  Then again, I can't even pull up the second or third page of comments...

  • RE: Where's the Unit Testing?

    Since most of my SQL coding is set-based (1 query operation per procedure), unit testing seems pointless since there is only one unit. I do use SQLTest for some...

  • RE: Closer to the Heart

    Steve, keep those Rush references coming!

    Working for a software development company has its advantages over working for a non-software company with an IT department. Such as IT is the...

  • RE: Holiday Struggles

    Being in a tax-related business, December is crunch time for us. Which also means that summers are usually pretty quiet here.

  • RE: Double Up During Trips

    Eric M Russell (11/12/2014)

    When I first saw the title "Double Up During Trips", I thought it was going to be a post about how to save money by doubling up...

  • RE: The Geek Costume

    thottle (10/31/2014)

    I realized that, if the costume maven here gives me a hard time, I can just pull on my hoodie and say I'm Leonard from The Big Bang Theory.


  • RE: Friday Shirts

    There should have been a "NULL" option.


    Still on 2008, so I have to still use rankings and such to do the same thing. It will be nice when we finally upgrade!

  • RE: What's a Toaster?

    I guess my toaster would be Chrome or UltraEdit. I use Chrome because I'm familiar enough with it. UltraEdit has been particularly useful for using regular expressions in...

  • RE: Template parameters

    I think I would have put this one under a different category. I don't know what this has to do with T-SQL. I still managed to get it...

  • RE: Try to focus on the positive

    I am also thankful for a God who loves. I am thankful to have a job that I can excel at and that enables me to live in the...

  • RE: Getting the grid back

    paul.goldstraw (5/16/2014)

    Also Ctrl+Shft+D does do something, it refreshes the cache in SQL Prompt, which is funny considering this is a Red-Gate site. Opportunity for a product plug there 🙂


  • RE: Alter Column

    Knew this one from personal experience. I use computed columns all the time, particularly for things like derived file paths and other things that might change after implementation. ...

  • RE: SSMS Results

    Easiest QOTD ever!

  • RE: What is (Null='Hello') in Sql Server

    Important to know the mechanics of null values. Thanks for the question!

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