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  • Very clear and easy question.

    The page referenced in the explanation is another example of BOL getting it wrong - it says the default keyboard scheme is the VS 2010 set; I have a default install of SSMS version 11.0.3128.0, and it offers two keyboard shortcut sets: the default, and the VS 2010 set which is different for some hot keys, but not in any way that would affect today's question. So for example the default for results to file is CTRL+Shift+F, not CTRL+Shift+T as claimed on that page. On the other hand, CTRL+Shift+C (one of the VS 2010 shotcuts which isn't in the other set displayed on that BOL page) works in the default set. So I don't think the default is either of the sets described on that BOL page. Or have I slept through an update that I should have picked up?

    The referenced page is the 2012 version - I would have expected that URL to point to the 2014 version by now - adding (v=sql110) to the url delivers the same (2012 version) page. Normally URLs unqualified by version are the latest release, which is now SQLS 2014 but currently you have to add (v=sql120) to get the 2014 version of this page. I wonder how long it will be before all URLs not specifying a version point to the latest versions.


  • This was an easy one and a nice way to end the week. Everyone have a happy Easter.

  • Carlo Romagnano (4/18/2014)

    In SSMS 2008 r2, results could be copied only in grid mode or if the amount of the text is less than 2MB. If text is more than 2MB you should save results in a file.rpt

    For large results (like 300,000+ rows) I prefer file.txt for later usage, so you can open an Excel sheet & import it from Text.

  • george sibbald (4/18/2014)

    I was hoping as it was easter this would be worth 7 points 🙂

    Yes, it should be 😉

  • Easy one!

  • Easy one.


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    Too easy 😀

    Have a nice Easter weekend, and don't eat too much chocolate!

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  • Easiest QOTD ever!

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