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  • RE: Simpsons' Paradox

    Interesting article indeed.

    As other commentators have noted, statistical results can be manipulated in many ways to fit the desired outcome.

    I'd like to add that the 'input' side of the equation...

  • RE: Fuzzy Matching

    You need to maintain a list of what you know the value should be (i.e. ABC Movers) along with a table with all variations that are identified to be associated...

  • RE: Would You Move For a Job?

    Short Answer: No.

    Context; I have, in the past, moved several times. When I landed in Denver, I decided this was home.

  • RE: More GROUP BY

    Good easy way to end the week (wishing it was Friday), but the query would error in all cases:

    the table is created as [RPSGame], but the FROM clause references ...


    Yup. Got burned by that back in '02.

  • RE: Should Production Databases Be in a VCS?

    Could? yes, of course.

    Should? dunno. depends on the goal.

    As for using VCS to compare the databases, I'd say it depends... We cannot because our Production database is very separate...

  • RE: The RPO

    Trick question indeed. Another reminder to not not answer a question while there are assumptions on the table: by stating that transaction log backups run from midnight on, there is...

  • RE: Nested Schemas

    I have to agree with @patricklambin: it's not really a 'nested schema', rather it's really an effed up name...

    Personally, l would never add FQN delimiters to an object...

  • RE: Create Procedure

    paul 25096 (11/4/2015)

    I think the reason "Options 1, 2 and 3" has more votes than "Option 2" is because of course you should also avoid statements that cause a syntax...

  • RE: Positive or Negative

    I don't use bit very often, but when I do, it's NOT NULL and has a default.

    Mostly, for other, general status columns, I'll use whatever's appropriate - int, tinyint, varchar(x)...

  • RE: Positive or Negative

    Wow. This discussion is almost as lively as the whole tabs versus spaces debate.

    I've used 'Active bit not null default 1' for so many years I never thought to question...

  • RE: Visualize the timeline of your SQL jobs using Google graph and email

    Thanks for the example/exercise. That's really a great way to leverage existing tools (I hadn't seen Google Charts before and will keep that nugget in my toolbox too).

    I've been using...

  • RE: When server was rebooted


    Nice exercise/example. I see one could easily work in an excel writer an/or an emauler.

    For years I've been using Microsoft's uptime tool

    (uptime.exe from

    running from a batch file as...

  • RE: The Opportunistic Hacker

    Thanks Steve.

    Now, on top of the impending zombie apocalypse, I have to worry about the friendly random guy at ISNULL(@wherever, 'Starbucks').

    Well, you're right, as usual. Laptops are stolen every...

  • RE: April 1 2015, a space oddity

    Kindle. All 5 in one collection: $11.99. Bam! Delivered.

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