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  • RE: How do I match values from a PIVOT?

    You say 'personally prefer' - how does your solution compare to PIVOTs for performance on large result sets?

  • RE: Is it possible to make an SQLCLR data type 'comparable'?

    It seems the solution is to make sure the type is binary comparable and to set IsByteOrdered = true in the arguments to the Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlUserDefinedType attribute.

    Of course, the problem...

  • RE: The Optimists

    Eric M Russell (1/21/2013)

    The reality is that going directly to the DBA or developer may not be the best approach for an end user to propose some new application functionality,...

  • RE: What's Today?

    Another US-centric question!

  • RE: Happy Holidays

    kaspencer (12/23/2011)

    I have complained before about the fact that many of your non-SQLserver questions are far too centred on the American and assumes that everyone is American and lives...

  • RE: UNIQUE constraint

    As explained in several answers, the 'solution' created a UNIQUE INDEX (on the non-NULL parts of the table) not a UNIQUE CONSTRAINT on the entire table.

  • RE: Divide by zero

    I was about to argue that 1,4 & 5 should be the correct answer, but read your comment and realized that you've already said I was right - even though...

  • RE: Renaming a procedure

    I got this right although, as mentioned by others, none of the answers is correct. The first 2 are OK and both return 'rename_test', but using the ALTER script to...


    I correctly remember that only one table can have IDENTITY_INSERT ON, but forgot that it doesn't automatically switch to a new table. Hence the habitual code ...



  • RE: PARSE 1

    (Bob Brown) (12/19/2012)

    I believe it should always be stated what version of SS the question addresses. Assumptions are always bad and there is no place for it...

  • RE: PARSE 1

    I just tried it with 2008R2 and, as expected, got 2 error messages.

    Msg 195, Level 15, State 10, Line 12

    'TRY_PARSE' is not a recognized built-in function name.

    Msg 195, Level 15,...

  • RE: PARSE 1

    I can't see anywhere in the question where it says this is supposed to be for 2012. Presumbly, it was thought that it's enough that TRY_PARSE and PARSE don't exist...

  • RE: Problem installing SQL Server Update KB2507770

    I eventually did a remove/re-install then updated to Service Pack 1, which bypassed the need to install this update.

  • RE: "Perfromance counter registry hive consistency" failed attempting to add a new instance.

    While not exactly a fix, I found a way to get past the problem!

    Instead of just starting SETUP, I ran it from a command prompt using:

    SETUP /ACTION=Install /SKIPRULES=PerfMonCounterNotCorruptedCheck

    Of couse, this...

  • RE: sql server 2008 installation

    The Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) component os SQLServer 2008 uses a subset of Visual Studio 2008. If you don't have VS2088 SP1 installed, it will install a separate copy...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 478 total)