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  • RE: DTS High CPU Utilization

    Make sure that you have the same version of the Oracle client software (SQL*Net) on both servers (and use the ODBC driver that comes with it).

  • RE: DBCC Checkdb returns severe error

    dbcc checkdb needs free space in TEMPDB. Try DBCC CHECKDB WITH ESTIMATEONLY to see how much tempdb space is needed and make sure you can get it. Also, if you...

  • RE: SQLServer2000 is not using and index in query

    I take it back. With this simple example it doesn't seem make any difference when I checked further. It is more useful when there are more than two tables joined together.

    What I was suggesting was...

  • RE: slow down of server

    Rule one of support...find out what has changed. Has someone just updated some of the SQL?

    Also, check for any errors in the SQL server logs. If you see any errors...

  • RE: SQLServer2000 is not using and index in query

    Try moving the filter condition on table a from the WHERE clause to the ON clause. This generally speeds up most queries, as the WHERE clause is not applied until all the records...

  • RE: 17204 :FCB::Open failed:

    Could be timing out while McAfee scans the transaction log file when it is opened (in memory) to be written to by the database. Stop McAffee monitoring files opened in...

  • RE: compressed(zipped) folder

    You can use the last DOS version of PKZIP.exe to unzip zipped file. PKZIP is old but still works. It can be downloaded from



  • RE: Bulk Insert Error

    Check that the SQL server and SQL Server Agent service is running under a domain logon account. If it is running as the default 'local system' account on the server then...

  • RE: server could not load DCOM

    DCOM allows you to start com+ (activex) components executing on another pc or server, but you need to have the correct permission and it needs various services to be running on that...

  • RE: DBA Duties versus System Administrator

    If he is performance tuning a system that is being developed (the code) then it is an ideal job for one of the developers on the project. But, it wouldn't be necessary...

  • RE: server could not load DCOM

    Make sure that your windows firewall is disabled and that the services needed for DCom to work are running. I am not absolutely sure what the services are but the...

  • RE: First Poll for 2006

    Famous Groucho Marx sayings:

    Behind every great man is a woman. Behind her is his wife

    I don't want to join any club that would have me as a member

    Time flies like an...

  • RE: MDAC how it evolves

    What I find useful with problem DLLs is using Dependency Walker to see what version of DLLs are called by the problem DLL. Then either copy those client DLLs onto your test PC...

  • RE: Updating remote data

    You could use a stored procedue on the main site to do the merge. Or, you could use the built in Replication facility - see 'Books Online'. This is what replication is...

  • RE: Connecting to SQL Server using a PDA!!!!!

    Make sure that the windows firewall on the laptop isn't blocking your PDS'a access.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 140 total)