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  • RE: Logical processors


    answer section Yesterday's Question (by Igor Micev): in daily email is wrong

  • RE: More Unicode

    According to Today's email answer should be

    •Yes, you can run this code

    •This returns 97

    but explanation is

    You can run this code. The CHAR variable is converted to NCHAR and...

  • RE: Getting index columns

    There was only one option , 😀

  • RE: More wildcard searches

    Answer should be 5 but answer in your email (The ABCs of Database Creation (SQLServerCentral 10/29/2015)) is 4, which is wrong

  • RE: TDE and Filestream

    How Funny, in daily email answer to this question is True but on site answer is No. Can you please let us know the Correct answer? I think correct answer...

  • RE: SQL Audit

    This is the same Question which was asked earlier also on 9 July 2010 😛

  • RE: SQL syntax

    Hi, It seems my question was little confusing. but I want to ask which of these SQL statement are right?

    So all of the SQL statements was right!!! so you are...

  • RE: SQL syntax

    Question was "Which of these SQL statements is correct?". Since all the SQL statements are correct then you have to check all the three answers.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)