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  • RE: VIEWS 2

    Neela Khatri (3/12/2012)


    In the options available to be checked, results was spelled wrong twice ...

    And I thought this was to help find the correct answers :laugh:

    Check it out--the two options...

  • RE: A Break from Databases

    Apparently I'm viewing too many movies/year, as I can't pick just one:

    Intouchables - despite a tragic background, a hilarious clash of two different social worlds, where both protagonists learn from...

  • RE: Model Database

    Hugo Kornelis (2/22/2012)

    I'd rather say that almost half the people already knew the actual correct answer:

    Yes and No: 47%


    From recollecting very likely the same discussion as you, I looked for...


    Steve Jones - SSC Editor (2/9/2012)

    Your code does return the same values, but I'm not sure pre-pending or appending is the issue. I could be wrong, but it seems that...


    From a coding perspective (having a random salt parameter), this URL to a post on has a nice twist to the matter.




    Raghavendra Mudugal (2/9/2012)


    this is the output of your query, just wanted to know what you mean by "exact same results"....?

    The result is exactly the same as when running Steve's code...


    Koen Verbeeck (2/9/2012)

    but the MSDN link doesn't really back-up the explanation as it doesn't mention salt anywhere.

    I'd second this; it's my understanding that concatenating a fixed string as salt (in...

  • RE: Querying Geometry Information

    L' Eomot Inversé (2/3/2012)

    so what is the correct case mixture? Presumably "geometry" going by Hugo's note, which seems to make SQL Server's type naming a bit inconsistent.

    From what I've...

  • RE: Querying Geometry Information

    Hugo Kornelis (2/3/2012)

    But this question is specifically focussed on testing knowledge of case sensitiviy, so in this case, not considering the collation of the database is a bad oversight. Especially...

  • RE: Querying Geometry Information

    Koen Verbeeck (2/3/2012)

    baabhu (2/2/2012)

    Hi Michael,

    The correct answer should be query 3 and 4. I did not see anything wrong with query 4.

    I need my points back lol. 🙂



    Thanks for a nice and easy question.

    Sometimes it pays to "process" the newsletter from top to bottom, as there was an informative post[/url] by one Steve Jones :laugh:.



  • RE: SET option hierarchy

    Brigadur (2/1/2012)

    Nakul Vachhrajani (2/1/2012)

    SQL Kiwi (2/1/2012) (2/1/2012)

    I propose to switch the answers #4 and #5. The answer All of above becomes correct in this order.

    :laugh: I like it!

    I like it...

  • RE: Computed Columns 1

    Hugo Kornelis (1/31/2012)

    Meh, I don't like questions where people who really understand the subject have a 50/50 chance of getting it right because they have to second-guess the author's intention.


  • RE: Better Backups

    Jostein Saethern (1/22/2012)

    Good question, but wrong answer. Should be "Enable backup compression" and "Create a user that is classified into a limited CPU workload group in Resource Governor"




  • RE: Wrapper to run stored procedure many times

    Jeff Moden (1/16/2012)

    If the Temp Table has sequential numbering like that offered by an IDENTITY column and you've done nothing to disturb the sequence of numbers, then you could use...

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