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  • RE: Transactions in T-SQL

    Today must be my lucky day. Saw the question, decided it was too long & complicated, guessed at random, got it right. Now off to buy a lotto ticket 🙂

  • RE: SELECT options

    danielfountain (4/13/2012)

    Hugo Kornelis (4/13/2012)

    danielfountain (4/13/2012)

    I am confused.

    How come this is supposed to bring back 6 rows?

    select top 5 with ties * from SSCSales order by cMonthSales desc

    There are 4 records...

  • RE: Database Collation

    Tom.Thomson (9/12/2011)

    It's eminently possible for different collations to ruin your day even if you avoid case-sensitivity like the plague. One of the most helpful things I've found for learning...

  • RE: Database Collation

    I think those of us who have had the "pleasure" of working with case sensitive collations had a distinct advantage in answering this question.

    But a great question for those not...

  • RE: Database mail job failure notification

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents to this thread for others.

    Whilst adding the account as sysadmin will get it to work, it is not a very good solution....

  • RE: Plans

    I had to look up what re-entrant meant...

  • RE: Consolidating SQL Servers/Services

    Regarding VM licensing, we've just been through it with our Microsoft rep. They have a licensing model that provides a benefit for virtual servers. See page 3 of this PDF:


  • RE: Identify Parameter sniffing

    I found this article the other day which I found helpful on a number of levels - it may be quite useful to you here.

  • RE: DTA not giving any recommmendations

    I've never use DTA, so I can't help there, however I find the missing index query at the below blog quite helpful. Exercise caution - don't blindly create an index...

  • RE: Connection Problems

    Regarding SQL logins, I think the point here is to use them as a last resort when no other options are available.

    In a web server/db server example, you could only...

  • RE: RAID

    I got the question wrong... but I still think I'm right, based on the way the question was stated.

    If you have 8 disks:

    - Configure as 1+0, you can have failure...

  • RE: Fun with Transactions - Part I

    LUCAB (9/14/2010)

    I was wrong answer: "Outer transaction is still open....rolling back... ".

    I learned that my wrong answer can be obtained with a SAVEPOINT:



  • RE: Top 10 SQL Server Integration Services Best Practices

    And they use to say immitation was the greatest form of flattery... Turns out plagiarism is the new immitation.

    Congrats Thomas Kejser & Denny Lee on a great article!

  • RE: Disabling Indexes

    The explaination was very interesting (which I learned from) but I felt the question didn't really illistrate the point very well, i.e. the net result was drop an index and...

  • RE: JOb taking more time

    If I were you I would analyze that procedure in more detail. Work out if there is a particular component / section / statement / anything that is taking a...

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