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  • Reply To: SQL Server installation with British English

    Can't disagree, Mike. Not the first time, of course, but a bit of a pity nonetheless.

    Thanks for your help, btw. Irrespective of getting a satisfactory conclusion one of the good...

  • Reply To: SQL Server installation with British English

    With respect, Mike, that's steering away from what I originally asked.

    In my original post, I recognised that there are workarounds potentially available. However, I asked for help in how to...

  • Reply To: SQL Server installation with British English

    A good call, but sadly I already found a post elsewhere on t'interweb about that. I can confirm the box is set to UK and British English throughout, and that...

  • Reply To: SQL Server installation with British English

    You're a steely-eyed missile man, sir. Much appreciated.

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    Thanks, all

    OK, I've done a bit of checking and the browsers I've tried using for downloads (Edge, Firefox, Chrome) are all set to en-GB, although changing to de-DE doesn't change...

  • RE: Use Tools

    Gary Varga (5/12/2016)

    majorbloodnock (5/23/2012)

    ...Indispensable equals risk, and companies don't like that, so will attempt to reduce the risk so it's manageable. If that means reducing their capabilities in the process,...

  • RE: A Lifetime of Software

    Eric M Russell (5/11/2016)

    Because they grew up in an era without cubicles, the younger wave of IT recruits are (generally) more socially adept than those of us with gray hair;...

  • RE: Combining R and SQL Server to diagnose performance bottlenecks

    Well done on a good introductory article.

    From my point of view, what's really important is that R and RStudio now offer a comprehensive suite of statistical tools that can be...

  • RE: Building Better Communication Skills

    Gary Varga (12/8/2015)

    OCTom (1/10/2011)

    I doubt that Twitter improves writing skills. It seems to do the opposite. The nature of Twitter encourages shortcuts and abbreviations that may not aid communication.

    Over four...

  • RE: Never give up

    LightVader (7/9/2014)

    Dalkeith (7/9/2014)

    I must admit I like to give users an opportunity to attempt to solve their own problems as I see this as having several benefits..

    1)They quickly get a...

  • RE: Never give up

    Gary Varga (7/8/2014)

    I thought that it was more of a motivational style then lecturing. Some love it, some don't. Personally, I take from editorials of this style the anecdotal knowledge...

  • RE: Never give up

    The one major thing I see missing in the article is the question of whether there needs to be a solution. Businesses evolve quicker than we realise, and quite often...

  • RE: The Challenge of Time Off

    Jim Youmans-439383 (12/19/2013)

    At my last job, we had a use it or lose it policy. If you did not use your two weeks, then you lost it. The...

  • RE: The Challenge of Time Off

    Sound advice, but I'd like to add a related issue from the other side. I'm lucky that everyone in my team is highly motivated, but that has its challenges as...

  • RE: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

    Well, I'm relieved to say that, now I've reread the thread, I still stand by my original comments.

    However, there is one point I didn't make then that perhaps I should...

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