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  • Reply To: Finding Your Own Career

    Agree with Steve, and with pwhoyt about retirement planning.

    One other thing I've learned over the years (unfortunately the hard way) is that a job can end, even if you like...

  • Reply To: Dig Out the Root Cause

    As Eric Russell observes, root cause analysis is often a political issue.  In an organization where mistakes are punished, no RCA will be productive.  Everyone will be too busy avoiding...

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  • RE: Testing COALESCE with tSQLt

    Hi, Steve.  Love your articles, please keep it up.

    The FakeTable @SchemaName parameter is deprecated.  If you view the source, you'll see

  • RE: The Multilingual Programmer

    VB classic and .Net, VBA
    ASP classic and .Net
    RPG II - IV
    Cold Fusion

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)