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  • RE: Simple arithmetic

    Fun one.


  • RE: Telepresence

    Yep, hook, line and sinker as well, here.

  • RE: Default schema

    Lynn Pettis (3/31/2014)

    Based on the information provided, the "correct" answer is wrong. There is nothing in the question to tell us that the login has been granted sysadmin privileges...

  • RE: Intersecting - 1

    Good question.


  • RE: REPLACE behavior

    Interesting, Thanks for the question.

  • RE: Variable Declaration

    palotaiarpad (9/19/2013)

    Good question! Learned something. Parsing does not set initial values! 🙂


  • RE: User with total points more than 30000?

    Just pulled up the response to the Voice of the DBA that Steve wrote and there was the answer. Easy one.

  • RE: Moving to the Heartland

    Hey Steve,

    Elbert County, CO sound great but no Data Center we will just do chores and ride horses.



  • RE: TDE DR

    L' Eomot Inversé (7/12/2013)

    I got this wrong. Looking at the reference provided (which was one of the pages that I read carefully before choosing an option) I found that...

  • RE: Len() with different datatypes

    bsk1234 (7/9/2013)

    Thank you, Hugo! I appreciate the clarification. It was quick too... 🙂


  • RE: ALL clause in SQL Server

    L' Eomot Inversé (6/18/2013)

    Hugo Kornelis (6/18/2013)

    hillsl (6/18/2013)

    I got it wrong because the question in the emailed newsletter is what I was answering, and in the newsletter the sub-select only has...

  • RE: IFF - 1

    Hugo Kornelis (6/6/2013)

    Joseph M. Morgan (6/6/2013)

    The first string has a space after the letter, the second does not. Without a Trim, why are they equal? Case sensitivity is irrelevant. The...


    Rich Weissler (5/31/2013)

    *scratches head* >The highest quantity sold to any custid is 50

    A 72

    B 47

    C 56

    D 30



    Only 3 correct answers and I guessed wrong on the 4th. As 72 is the...

  • RE: SSMS Error Message

    Mighty (5/27/2013)

    Nice start of the week.

    One remark though:

    ...if you run code that generates an actual error

    This not only works when an error has been generated. Any message that...


    Nice question to bad the answer was phrased incorrectly.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 72 total)