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  • zerko (5/27/2013)

    But surely, since ALL of us ALWAYS screen-lock our computers when we are not physically present, and the error message required someone else to type it into the SSMS Messages screen, the correct answer would have to be "That could not possibly happen! :w00t:"

    We do do that, don't we?

    Well, yes, but

    Do we always remember to have a secure BIOS password? Or even have a BIOS password at all?

    Do we remember to leave the computer setup so that it will only boot from the main hard drive, not from a pen-drive, DVD, CD, or any other replaceable media?

    If any of those 3 gets the answer "no" then this stunt is rather easy.

    Besides, locking the computer when you leave is not very effective if half (or more) of your colleagues know your password, or it's one of the top 20 preferred passwords for your gender, or it's scribbled on a post-it note stuck to the underside of your mouse-mat because your employer's lunatic security policy requires passwords to have at least 12 characters each and at most 16 and pass a "strength" test and forces you to change them every 15 days with your last 293 passwords remembered by the system and not reusable. Those sorts of insecurities with passwords used to be extremely common, but I think it's got slightly better and they now are only rather common (although that might just be undue optimism on the part of people who tell me what it's like in their organisations now).


  • Easy question and more over its fun. I also had done this in many times.


  • Nice question and quite comical. Fluked it really as I didn't note the bit in BOL "between 50,001 and 2,147,483,647" for the @msgnum. Thanks.

    Dave Morris :alien:

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  • Perhaps I put too much thought into this, since I figured that we all actually do lock our computers when we're not using them. I missed it, but also learned that you can type into the messages pane, which I've never done. Good trick question.

  • Being that my name is Dave, I always wonder when I see messages like that 🙂

  • I'm pretty sure the first answer could be correct as well...

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  • mohammed moinudheen (5/26/2013)

    Got tricked 🙂


  • Mighty (5/27/2013)

    Nice start of the week.

    One remark though:

    ...if you run code that generates an actual error

    This not only works when an error has been generated. Any message that is returned will enable it like the famous

    (1 row(s) affected)


  • Nice one...

  • A bit late 😉 I nearly picked option 3 'sp_addmessage' luckily realising it must have an ID between 50,001 and 2,147,483,647

    Option 4 & +1 it is...

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  • but can't type with red color.

  • catus0124 (5/29/2013)

    but can't type with red color.

    You can't create red color in an empty message pane. But if you first execute a statement that will generate an error, then type new text in the middle of the red error message and delete the old error text, your typed text will be in red.

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  • I love learning something and having fun at the same time. Good question! :hehe:

  • Loved the fun question! Thanks!


    Carlo Romagnano (5/27/2013)

    SQLRNNR (5/26/2013)

    Easy enough - I have done this in the past.


    In 80's, on mainfraim I placed the prompt with:


    So, it seemed a neverending compile, instead it was ready!


    I am getting the impression that you have a lot more practical jokes up your sleeve! 😉

  • Did not got it correct... 🙁 Thank god no one played this prank with me... 🙂

    --Angad Singh
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