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  • RE: Elementary Key Attributes

    Ah, I was researching elemenTARTY keys, probably why I got it wrong 😉

  • RE: Fitting In

    since switching to contracting 3 years ago, I've found fitting in and becoming part of the team much quicker and easier to do. on average, it'll take me around...

  • RE: Scaled-down SQL

    Good question, great answer 🙂



  • RE: REPLACE Multiple Spaces with One

    Thanks, Jeff. Also some interesting stuff about control characters, something I've never really considered before.


  • RE: Date Puzzle

    archie flockhart (10/27/2010)

    I might have had to think twice if the possible answers had been April 30th, April 31st and May 1st.

    My thoughts exactly

  • RE: Statistics

    Argh, got this one wrong (I knew it as I clicked the button).

    Managed to work out what the second field was for and then rushed my answer for the first...

  • RE: AND & OR

    arghh!! I spent a few minutes playing with a spreadsheet to mock up the bitwise AND and OR functions (a happy little diversion) and i missed the data type gotcha!


  • RE: T-SQL 2008

    Warren Gilbert (10/1/2009)

    I am also of the opinion that the answer is incorrect.

    The question specifically asks for extensions (subclauses) to the GROUP BY clause.

    GROUPING_ID is a function, NOT a sub-clause...

  • RE: How To Get Table Row Counts Quickly And Painlessly

    if you use SSMS, you can right-click on the table and choose properties. Within the properties window there is a section for storage which has an entry for the...

  • RE: Dynamic Hierarchy Levels

    have worked out how to implement this using a hierarchy bridge and multiple hierarchies. see the section on multiple hierarchies in this pdf document for more information.

    happy to discuss...

  • RE: Dynamic Hierarchy Levels

    Ideas/things I have tried:

    • Trying to see if setting default member has any effect on the levels of the hierarchy you can see (it doesn't)
    • Implemented multiple perspectives that are identical apart...

  • RE: Dynamic Hierarchy Levels

    Does anyone have any ideas about this? Or, even know if this is possible? I need to know by the end of the day if it can be...

  • RE: Data types

    i hate to be a pedant, but the var in varchar and nvarchar stands for varying:

  • RE: An Example of Test-Driven Development

    I enjoyed this article; a good introduction to test-driven database development, something I have been looking to implement for quite some time.

    I would be interested to see this expanded with...

  • RE: Dts Events FireInformation


    I have been able to solve this (after coming back to it after a little while) by using the dts.Events.FireCustomEvent method.

    The method's signature is: eventName as string, eventText as string,...

  • Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 160 total)