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  • i hate to be a pedant, but the var in varchar and nvarchar stands for varying:

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  • How come 10 % from 556 answered i.e. 55 people think Varchar and nvarchar has fixed value? var stands for varying.

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  • hodgy (6/18/2009)

    i hate to be a pedant, but the var in varchar and nvarchar stands for varying:

    As a matter of fact there was a question of a day not too long ago asking why nvarchar is named as it is. The answer to the question was nvarchar stands for National Character Varying even though the order of the words does not really match. This mismatch is still much better than infamous varchar2 in the O universe where they originally had a type named varchar which implementation was probably so messed up that the O-people came up with a "brilliant" idea to develop another type and creatively name it varchar2 while leaving outdated varchar still available :hehe:


  • Oleg (6/18/2009)

    infamous varchar2 in the O universe


  • I don't quite understand the question but according to the O documentation "VARCHAR2 type is used to store character string values. The VARCHAR type should not be used." They say it is "reserved for future use", but the reality is that it has been in existence for a very long time with the same old "should not be used" warning. I don't think that I said anything wrong, and I am sorry if my post offended you.


  • No, let me apologize, you did not offend me. I just do not know what the "O universe" is.

    I suppose I should have written, "What is the ""O universe""?"

    But if I had to guess, "O documentation" means Official documentation?

  • O is Oracle, which is commonly referred to as O-word on this site, and you just made me spell the O-word.

  • easy points for taking. 😀

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  • easy 🙂

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