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  • RE: Maintenance package erors.

    I've seen this happen before. Deleting the maintenance package and re-adding it solved it for me.

  • RE: need to find date that the restored backup file was backed up on.

    We name our backup files w/ date/time stamps, so it's always clear on which date they were created. The standard SQL Backup job in the maintenance plan does this for...

  • RE: DR for large database

    john.woods (10/8/2009)

    The big problem is the size of the db and the full back up. Currently the DB is 350Gb and growing at 2Gb per day.

    The full backup takes...

  • RE: Script to restore red gate backups automatically from a folder.

    I'd suggest to create a linked server to your production server and then query the system tables on your production server to see what the filename(s) of the last full...

  • RE: Corrupt Cluster?

    Seems like your biggest problem was that the nodes didn't see the disks. Did you get that resolved?

  • RE: T-SQL returning too many rows

    Actually.. nevermind... I figured it out.

    The correct query is:

    SELECT DISTINCT tblAid.dtmAidDate, tblAid.intSendingNation, tblSendingNations.strNationRuler as strSendingNationRuler, tblSendingNations.strNationName as strSendingNationName, tblSendingNationsInAlliance.strAllianceName as strSendingAllianceName, tblAid.dblMoney, tblAid.dblSoldiers, tblAid.dblTech, tblAid.intReceivingNation, tblReceivingNations.strNationRuler AS strReceivingNationRuler, tblReceivingNations.strNationName as...

  • RE: Failing SQL 2005 Cluster Installation because of too many cpu's

    I've had this same issue. This isn't really related to just clusters. It's the same on a stand-alone SQL Server 2005 that does not have a power of 2 number...

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)