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  • RE: Slow Queries with Linked Server

    Which provider are you using in the linked server? Probably better not to use the generic ODBC provider, but if you're already using the DB2 specific one it could be...

  • RE: Create Table FAILED!?

    Toreador (1/2/2015)

    Hany Helmy (12/30/2014)

    Wow :w00t: 41% didn`t know about the "Extra comma in column list" will not prevent you from creating a table.

    Why would you expect people to know this?...

  • RE: Simple arithmetic

    Xavon (12/10/2014)

    paul.knibbs (12/10/2014)

    Emil Bialobrzeski (12/10/2014)

    i saw lots of people on social sites having problems with:

    1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1x0+1 = ?

    most of the answers was 1. So saying Simple may apply differently to others...

  • RE: Primary key vs Unique key

    Primary key creates a clustered index by default, only if there is no existing clustered index. It's often the case that you want a clustered index on something other than...

  • RE: Is there a way to enforce the use of a where clause in a select?

    Well you could do it with security. The application is either using a SQL login, a single AD login or service account, or it's passing through end user credentials. Deny...

  • RE: When if ever would you following a JOIN ON clause with an AND instead of WHERE?

    KoldCoffee (10/18/2014)

    using Adventureworks2008R2 database I'd like to illustrate syntax I ran into and am unfamiliar with and I want to know if it's a mistake that SSMS doesn't catch.


  • RE: Premature Optimisation

    Great article.

    Speaking of scientific method, the most frustrating part about profiling and measurement on databases is how inconsistent it is because there are so many variables you can't control for....

  • RE: Oracle Linked Server query error - unable to read certain data

    You should probably have started that in a new thread, your question will get lost if you tag it on to the end of an old thread like this.

    Anyway, assuming...

  • RE: Parsing a String in SSRS

    Daniel Matthee (8/2/2014)

    So this can easily be done in SQL.

    But since this is string parsing it will be intense on the sql server. So i recommend to rather change the...

  • RE: Parsing a String in SSRS

    dabello88 (7/29/2014)

    thanks for the reply!

    I google split function and found the following function that gets me on my way but I'm having trouble trimming it so I only get the...

  • RE: Parsing a String in SSRS

    dabello88 (7/28/2014)

    What up Guys,

    First time posting a question here. I'm not entirely sure how to solve. I have the following string I need to parse in SSRS so that it...

  • RE: Master thesis on Business Intelligence

    I would suggest tweeting it with #SQL or other related hash tags, bound to get some responses.

  • RE: Update question on order of tables in join

    Alan.B (5/18/2014)

    Your update query should be fine and, no, it does not matter if you include the table in the FROM or table operator clauses (e.g. JOIN & APPLY).


  • RE: Comparing Different Data Types

    Good article, and very important.

    I noticed some queries only today being executed by very experienced analysts doing awful non-sargable sins like joining a date column to a datetime column,...

  • RE: How to find PATINDEX for [

    LutzM (10/4/2011)

    Since [ is a meta-character in wildcard expressions, you'll need to wrap it with another set of brackets:

    SELECT PATINDEX('%[[]%',mytextfield)

    Interestingly, that same pattern doesn't work for the closing square bracket...

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 237 total)