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  • RE: Birds of a Feather

    funbi - Tuesday, July 11, 2017 2:12 AM

    davoscollective - Monday, July 10, 2017 7:43 PM

  • RE: Birds of a Feather

    And the elephant in the room (or is it a donkey)? I really like that everyone has completely avoided answering your implied question about political leanings. It could easily devolve...

  • RE: Index with leading BIT column

    Jeff Moden (12/26/2016)

    Sioban Krzywicki (12/21/2016)

    I've seen articles that say you shouldn't make the leading column in your index a BIT column. There are, of course, other articles pointing out the...

  • RE: Reporting Services From a Data warehouse - Bottleneck On Every Month

    When you said there's a 6 or 10 hour delay, the first thing that came to mind was maybe the time on your report services server is not the time...

  • RE: Multiple Joins on Fact Table

    MMartin1 (11/10/2016)

    ...CounterpartyAccountKey and GenevaAccountKey ..

    If these do represent the source, think of the maintenance nightmare when the source changes, or another is added. This is not the way to design...

  • RE: Will It Compress?

    Interesting to know that sparse columns aren't compressible. Thanks for the question.

    My first thought was "every datatype"? Wow. Does that include every variation of datatype like char(1)...char(8000) . I realise...

  • RE: Avoiding Stored Procedures

    David.Poole (8/30/2016)

    Indianrock (8/30/2016)

    Another example of the problem is a 4GB plan cache with 2,500 single-use plans out of a total of about 12,000 plans. The ORM sets parameter character...

  • RE: Avoiding Stored Procedures

    Aaron N. Cutshall (8/30/2016)

    One of the issues I've found with ORM frameworks is that it trains one into a particular way of thinking. For example, I worked on a...

  • RE: Avoiding Stored Procedures

    Sean Redmond (8/30/2016)

    Have you ever tried to read the SQL generated by a 6-join LINQ statement? It took me 30 minutes just to tease it apart.

    Here is (if I remember...

  • RE: Avoiding Stored Procedures

    Aaron N. Cutshall (8/30/2016)

    Ralph Hightower (8/30/2016)

    Switching the patient lookup to a stored procedure increased the performance of that phase of the application by 25%.

    Ralph, it's all in how the stored...

  • RE: Tablix assistance please!

    I've worked with many different reporting tools including SSRS, and they all try and hide the SQL away and encourage you to do grouping and calculations within the report. The...

  • RE: Join Operations – Hash Match

    simon.dobner 32307 (5/4/2014)

    OK, Thanks, got it now.

    'Input' is not necessarily the same as 'table in the from clause'



    This is a great article, and I think this question in the comments...

  • RE: Integer lengths (I)

    Thanks for the question. Never used the str() function.

    How very strange that it would return a left padded string of default length 10 given BOL says its return type is...

  • RE: Column manipulation with ALTER TABLE

    Good question. I dislike the inconsistency with the syntax. You should always have to specify the keyword COLUMN. It makes it more self explanatory. Having to memorize idiosyncrasies of syntax...

  • RE: How to Design, Build and Test a Dynamic Search Stored Procedure

    omarlopez7 (3/6/2015)

    In that case not work, i says if you us on the where section like this.

    Select * from table

    where date between '12-12-12' and '12-31-12'

    Between is inclusive of the start...

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