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  • Reply To: The Complexity of Modern Systems

    I feel the point on accidental complexity is especially important. Dr Venkat Subramamian gives some fantastic talks on the subject

    I also think that premature optimization and failing...

  • Reply To: Where is the Puck Going?

    Excellent advice.

    I'd also add that Brent Ozar, Pinal Dave, Grant Fitchey, Catherine Wilhelmsen, Steph Locke, Jen Stirrup and many others are highly visible in the DB community.  Such involvement brings...

  • Reply To: The Future of the Internet and Data

    Do you have any recommended technical sites that require subscription?

    I'm a bit paranoid about signing up to a site that turns out to be heavy on clickbait and really difficult...

  • Reply To: Burning Out

    Excellent article, very interesting linked articles too.

    What do people do to come back from burnout? Asking for a friend

  • Reply To: Going Cloud Native

    The difference between on premises and IaaS is that your on premises hardware may be higher grade and less prone to failure. I'd encourage anyone migrating to the cloud to...

  • Reply To: Going Cloud Native

    Our systems are predominantly cloud native.  For data warehousing handing someone else the headache of exponential data growth is extremely attractive.

    Our infrastructure manager said that one of the attraction of...

  • Reply To: Who's Smarter? Humans or AI Systems?

    Since the original piece was written theres been the Microsoft AI bot that learned to express extreme right wing views after being exposed to social media.

    Grady Booch is quite...

  • Reply To: Incident Review

    I can remember building a logging solution and getting the response "this is a blame system with proof".

    Also can remember someone trying t0 identify an anonymous employee survey respondent who...

  • Reply To: To Inifinity and Beyond With 1=1

    You've got to be damn sure of your exit condition that's for sure.  Can be very expensive for certain cloud functions such as AWS Lambdas or GCP Cloud Functions.


  • Reply To: Help Your Manager

    Getting the granularity right on the Trello board is a bit of an art.

    As we can filter the board on a number of attributes, including who took up the task,...

  • Reply To: Help Your Manager

    In my team we put small tasks on a Trello Kanban board. This gives visibility of all those things that consume time but aren't a fit for a JIRA ticket.


  • Reply To: Unix vs PowerShell

    My place of work is entirely Linux based with developers using MacBooks.  I installed Powershell and do find it useful for some things.

    The problem is that although I find it...

  • Reply To: Eyes Wide Open

    Really good editorial!

    I listened to a lecture on the insurance industry where the speaker said that when you buy insurance you are really paying for someone else to bear the...

  • Reply To: Are You a Tech Company?

    Jeff Moden wrote:

    If you have to make multiple changes per week on a regular basis, never mind multiple changes per day, there is something seriously wrong with your evaluation, design, coding,...

  • Reply To: Does Log Data Belong in a Table or a File?

    Cloud vendors have their own logging solutions and means to query those logs, even if that is providing a transparent means of querying using one of their data technologies.

    One thing...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 3,221 total)