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  • Reply To: Download SQL Patch Info

    Hi Theo

    I was hoping this would automate the download and installation of the latest SP/CU. Is this not the function of your script? I cant see an actual download filename...

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    I got a few errors off the bat, about accessing sp_cmdshell, so these are the commands i needed to run:

    EXEC sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1


    -- To update the currently configured...

  • Reply To: Database Restore Errors

    How can I get the first error? Error_number only returns 3013 RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

    When the actual error is 3176 File 'M:\SQLData\SQL2016\SolarWindsOrion_Cortex_document' is claimed by 'Cortex_documents2'(4) and 'Cortex_documents1'(3). The...

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    I realise this post is very old but it could be just what ive spent the last 5 days trying to write.

    I think my issue is, on my TESTSERVER, I...

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    I downloaded the files and tried running them but they're causing errors. Is there any chance you could reformat them. there are commands following on from each other no line...

  • Reply To: Linked server authentication error

    Hi Sue.

    I did actually Download the KCM. What am I looking for? Why do I need an SPN configured?

    Thanks, Darryl

  • Reply To: Epoch to readable format

    I have a varchar field which was used to import the epoch value from a csv.

    I need to update a datetime column to the proper date. BUT it wont let...

  • Reply To: How to FTP a Dynamically Named Flat File

    Hi this isnt working me for me. Can you help me please

    Its currently Causing a DTS Script Task: Runtime Error:

    SSIS package "\\staffhome\staff_home0\xxxxxxx\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\Simple FTP Task\Simple FTP Task\Package.dtsx" starting.

    Information: 0x4004300A...

  • RE: SQL Replication

    I realise I may push your patience but,
    1. How do I find out where the distribution server is? I have tried running your script on VSQL01 (Publisher) and VSQL02...

  • RE: SQL Replication

    Hi Thank you for the response.

    I have tried running the code on both servers in every database. I keep getting "Invalid object name 'MSArticles'."
    Can you tell...

  • RE: EXECuting a dynamic string

    I am using the sp_ExeceuteSQL but how do i assign the value of the executed sql to a variable (so that i can use it further down the script)

  • RE: SSIS and running on a schedule

    I have managed to create a package and loop through the files by dragging a For..loop container. then added a data flow task. but the next 3 things i need...

  • RE: SSIS and running on a schedule

    I am totally new to SSIS, i have no idea even where to start.

    I know i need to loop through list of files in a folder and i need to...

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)