How to FTP a Dynamically Named Flat File

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    Tommy Cooper

  • Why not just use an Expression Task (I see you are on SQL Server 2012) to generate the file name? I'm not sure that the script task is necessary for that. You could have also just used a variable defined with an expression, I believe.

    Gerald Britton, Pluralsight courses

  • This could have easily done in the file connection manager expression., the dynamic creation of file. no need to have the script task in place to solve that requirement.

    No need to have the expression task also. we could easily do in the flat file destination it self.

  • No need to use the expression task its true, but the task makes it more visible than buried in the connector properties.

    Gerald Britton, Pluralsight courses

  • Thanks for the insights on this one.

  • Hi this isnt working me for me. Can you help me please

    Its currently Causing a DTS Script Task: Runtime Error:

    SSIS package "\\staffhome\staff_home0\xxxxxxx\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\Simple FTP Task\Simple FTP Task\Package.dtsx" starting.

    Information: 0x4004300A at Data Flow Task, SSIS.Pipeline: Validation phase is beginning.

    Error: 0x1 at Script Task: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

    Task failed: Script Task

    Warning: 0x80019002 at Package: SSIS Warning Code DTS_W_MAXIMUMERRORCOUNTREACHED. The Execution method succeeded, but the number of errors raised (1) reached the maximum allowed (1); resulting in failure. This occurs when the number of errors reaches the number specified in MaximumErrorCount. Change the MaximumErrorCount or fix the errors.

    SSIS package "\\staffhome\staff_home0\xxxxxxx\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\Simple FTP Task\Simple FTP Task\Package.dtsx" finished: Failure.

    The program '[3780] DtsDebugHost.exe: DTS' has exited with code 0 (0x0).


    at System.RuntimeMethodHandle.InvokeMethod(Object target, Object[] arguments, Signature sig, Boolean constructor)

    at System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.UnsafeInvokeInternal(Object obj, Object[] parameters, Object[] arguments)

    at System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.Invoke(Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture)

    at System.RuntimeType.InvokeMember(String name, BindingFlags bindingFlags, Binder binder, Object target, Object[] providedArgs, ParameterModifier[] modifiers, CultureInfo culture, String[] namedParams)

    at Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Tasks.ScriptTask.VSTATaskScriptingEngine.ExecuteScript()

    Darryl Wilson

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