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  • RE: Geeky Distractions

    LadyRuna (7/29/2011)

    Try watching some old SF from the late '60s / early '70s - series like

    Blake's 7

    Space 1999


    Also consider attending a steampunk convention or anime convention or SF convention -...

  • RE: Geeky Distractions

    J Thaddeus Klopcic (7/29/2011)

    cy-dba (7/29/2011)

    I've been watching various movies via Netflix (streaming and DVD), especially documentaries.

    Be sure to catch The IT Crowd!

    I have not heard of it but will check...

  • RE: Geeky Distractions

    Eric M Russell (7/29/2011)

    There are a lot of good series like Legend Of Seeker, Spartacus, Psych, and The Office on NetFlix. Psych can be enjoyed with the family, but...

  • RE: Geeky Distractions

    I've been watching various movies via Netflix (streaming and DVD), especially documentaries.

    Is anyone else wondering when Iron Fist will come out on the big screen??

  • RE: Logshipping

    The "correct" answer seems to contradict the question.

  • RE: Create context-independent View (behaviour like INFORMATION_SCHEMA ones)

    How about creating a separate "system" database and put a stored procedure in there that would return the data you need based on the database parameter passed in:

    Use NewSystemDb;


  • RE: Create stored procedure

    Scott Arendt (3/16/2011)

    ronmoses (3/16/2011)

    paul s-306273 (3/16/2011)

    I don't really see the value of this question...

    The nearly 40% of respondents who got it wrong learned something today. That alone seems valuable...

  • RE: Backup and Housekeeping with Maintenance Plans

    Nice article!

  • RE: Getting Started in SQL Server

    Very nice article. This validates much of what I had in my head already, but not nearly as organized!

  • RE: Data Typing Quandry

    SanDroid (11/17/2010)

    Disapointing and Lame trick question.

    The question asked which row had the "largest defined row size", not "the largest storage size".

    The answer in the the reference material is for a...

  • RE: Planning for Failure

    Well said! Don't let anyone pressure you into coming up with a fast solution, no matter who it is.

  • RE: Hidden or Unknown Job Perks

    SQLBill (9/2/2010)

    Great manager.

    Great director.

    Work from home three days a week.

    25 paid days of time off.

    Work laptop to use when working from home.

    On call for one week once every two months.


  • RE: XP_cmdshell DIR

    This gives me what I need. Thanks for the help Jeff!

  • RE: XP_cmdshell DIR

    Yeah, I did try that but to no avail. I'll work on it a little more and let you know if I find a solution. Thanks all for the help.

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