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  • RE: A Case FOR Cursors...

    You would strengthen your argument by adding non Microsoft examples of when a cursor is an appropriate option. The only time I have personally found cursors a better option has...

  • RE: Key Word Searches

    I liked the article. A new technique to add to my toolset. I did play around with it to remove the Temp Tables and at least on my dev server,...

  • RE: [Urgent] Duplicate data when importing from excel (reads same worksheet name twice)

    There are a few ways to do this. Both are workarounds but should do what you need.

    1) Without using a script task.

    a. Place an empty sequence container in the inner for each...

  • RE: An Alternative (Better?) Method to UNPIVOT (SQL Spackle)

    There is a way to get NULL values back in an unpivot. It's not pretty but it works.

    IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#Orders','U') IS NOT NULL

    DROP TABLE #Orders

    -- DDL and sample data for...

  • RE: Serving Warm SSIS Errors

    It's a good article and approach. I am confused however as to how you are getting just one email to send. Internally where I work we use a custom email...

  • RE: Why is my SELECT query slower when the table is indexed?

    In terms of data types, I would not use a FLOAT to define a monetary field. FLOAT is an approximate numeric. You should be using NUMERIC or DECIMAL (You can...

  • RE: What is faster, MAX() with GROUP BY, OR CTE with ROW_NUMBER()?

    Performance is dependant on the amount of data and indexing. Even with indexes on the columns you are using for the ROW_NUMBER(), you still need to pull all results and...

  • RE: SSIS Data Conversion problem

    Try enabling error handling and spit the rows that are failing into a flat file for examination. This will allow you to narrow your investigation to what is causing the...

  • RE: Maximum number of rows for an insert?

    I'm going to second Elliot. We had a process I recently converted to use ssis to perform the insert vs the stored procedure and saw an immense improvement in performance....

  • RE: Database Response is too slow

    Looking through your Schema.txt file, the first thing I noticed was a lack of indexes. You have alot of joins goin on in the functions and the more data you...

  • RE: Calculated member formula for All member is not SUM of children

    Nevermind, I found what I needed.

    For the Set argument, I used a case statement.


    CASE [Dimension].[Attribute].CURRENTMEMBER

    WHEN [Dimension].[Attribute].[All] THEN [Dimension].[Attribute].CURRENTMEMBER.CHILDREN

    ELSE [Dimension].[Attribute].CURRENTMEMBER




  • RE: SSIS Error

    You need to use the tertiary operator.

    (CONDITION) ? Expression if True : Expression if false.


    (ISNULL(DateColumn) ? (DT_DATE)"1900-01-01" : Your date experession

  • RE: Sql server Service Broker

    Oli is correct. You want to use Merge Replication. no reason to reinvent the wheel when SQL Server has something already available that will do what you need.

  • RE: Writing Nearly Codeless Apps: Part 1

    David Ziffer (10/6/2010)

    Someone is going to do something similar in software development. When they do, we are going to either be part of the movement or we are going to...

  • RE: Lookups with huge datasets

    da-zero (10/6/2010)

    If SSIS 2005:

    you can use a left outer join in your data source. Join your source (staging) table with the destination (dimension/fact table) with the no lock hint. If...

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