Calculated member formula for All member is not SUM of children

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    Hello everyone,

    I am working on a proof of concept to move some heavy analytical calculations into SSAS. Everything was working fine until I hit a particularly complex calculation. What appears to be occuring is the children are SUMMED correctly, but the All member is not.

    Psuedo code

    MEMBER Measures.x AS





    WHEN [Measures].[Cost] > 0 AND ([Measures].[Measure1]*[Measures].[Measure2]*[Measures].[Measure3])/[Measures].[Cost] > 5 THEN


    ELSE [Measures].[Measure2]


    I understand why it is happening, It's taking the values of the All member for the measures vs summing the result of the children. The question is how do I get the sum of the CHILDREN for All vs the calculation of the values of the All member?

    FYI, I have tried adding a Calculation in the cube and processed it, but I got the exact same result.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • cliffb

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    Nevermind, I found what I needed.

    For the Set argument, I used a case statement.


    CASE [Dimension].[Attribute].CURRENTMEMBER

    WHEN [Dimension].[Attribute].[All] THEN [Dimension].[Attribute].CURRENTMEMBER.CHILDREN

    ELSE [Dimension].[Attribute].CURRENTMEMBER




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    Thanks for posting the solution.It was a life saver! I had a similar problem and being an MDX newbie, was breaking my head to find the solution..

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