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  • RE: Calling an ASP page using xp_cmdShell

    Trigger the asp page from the End user app. The only catch here is that the end user has to always have network connectivity to that page.

    1- Call a stored...

  • RE: Calling an ASP page using xp_cmdShell


    Let me explain what I'm trying to accomplish, it sounds like there is a better way to do this. I have an...

  • RE: Calling an ASP page using xp_cmdShell

    I have to agree with Chris. It doesn't make logical sense to call an ASP page that performs a SQL Query when you can just write a stored procedure and...

  • RE: retrieving an ID from one table and into another


    select empid

    from emp

    where empid = @empid.

    Why not just do an Insert Into Table(EmpID) Values(@EmpID)


  • RE: Ignorant Boss! Need Help Explaining Validation!

    Generally, in the past when I was checking my own work, I would write two or three sql statements to retrieve the same data back. If they all presented the...

  • RE: QOD 8/7/03


    ...and why BI for the category??

    Administration would probably be a more appropriate category.

  • RE: Transfering DTS Package.

    In enterprise manager, from the design view of the DTS package, select package->save as from the menu and change the name of the server to a different server. The DTS...

  • RE: updating data


    As I suspected, tried with spcific columns but still the same error..............

    I've had this error...

  • RE: Joins

    The problem is, when you use an inner join and then specify where t1.a='somevalue' you will only get back the values from both tables where t1.a shows up in the...

  • RE: Dynamic Views

    If using the cursor becomes too slow, you could always create a view on the fly passing your where clause and then run your query off of that view.

    If there...

  • RE: Create multiple temp tables

    I would be inclined to agree with Preethi.

    Set up a table that holds a sessionid or some other type of unique identifier and one column for each parameter.

    The other option...

  • RE: Difficult query

    If you want to eliminate using a temp table couldn't you do something like this:


    CASE IsNull(T.Column1,'Null')

    WHEN 'Null' THEN 'Do Something'


    END 'Example'



    SELECT T1.Column1,T2.Column2,T3.Column3



Viewing 12 posts - 196 through 207 (of 207 total)