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  • RE: ROWLOCK Escalation

    GilaMonster (3/19/2012)

    The RowLock (or pageLock) hints just say what the locks should start as, nothing more. In this case they'll start as row, but once past the 5000 or so...

  • RE: The Stubborn DBA

    I also agree, spot on!

  • RE: Sorting triggered by data type

    ma-516002 (12/13/2011)

    Interesting question, but the code itself is valid. The answer you classified as correct depends on the actual data. It appears reasonable to imply that c.IsInsuranceLength is set to...

  • RE: Does the Role of the DBA Need to Evolve?

    katesl (12/10/2011)

    I worked at a university as a data analyst using statistical software in 1983-- yes, 1983. I struggled to manage data relationships using SPSS. Then I was...

  • RE: The Employment Contract

    I would not like to have my duties spelled out exactly because I like different challenges as long as it's within my area of expertise, if I were asked to...

  • RE: DateTime Precision

    Ouch, you got me, I assumed implicit conversion without thinking it through. Thanks for the question.

  • RE: The Good Job

    "Life's too short to live with a crappy job for a long time, no matter how much they pay you."

    Well that's just the best thing I've read in a long...

  • RE: An Awesome Job

    I think this editorial was pretty awesome, thanks :).

  • RE: Cloud Common Sense

    So what's the quickest/easiest way to learn about (SQL) Azure?

  • RE: The Career Path

    Very interesting editorial, thanks.

    This is something I have thought a lot about, and I think many other have too. I once worked as a team manager once but that was...

  • RE: Exists

    Interesting question, thanks!

  • RE: Be Reasonabl

    richj-826679 (7/21/2011)

    Now, my problem is the 55" LCD I need in order to monitor all of these important money-making databases... 😉

    Are you sure you don't need two? 😉

  • RE: Be Reasonabl

    Great editorial!

    Us IT-people (developers, sysadmins, support staff, etc) are usually at the mercy of some kind of manager and bureaucracy. And since managers are also humans, they can also be...

  • RE: That case filter

    murray-906152 (7/19/2011)

    I think that this question is ambiguous and should be withdrawn.

    There is NO query returning zero rows in the question.

    There is one insert statement yielding five rows affected.

    You might...

  • RE: Fitting In

    majorbloodnock (7/19/2011)

    andreas.agren (7/19/2011)

    Adapt to the dress code? Watch before you form alliances? Sounds a lot like prison to me. I agree that one should adapt to the work place but...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)