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  • RE: Downstream query recompile when index is drop and re-created.

    SELECT deqs.execution_count,


    FROM sys.dm_exec_query_stats AS deqs

    OUTER APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(deqs.sql_handle) AS dest

    WHERE dest.text LIKE '%MyVal%';

    Now, this test is a...

  • RE: Using Max()

    I really liked this question; for me (and several others) it was so brain-bogglingly easy that it required almost no thought (apart from those who sensed a trap!), and yet...

  • RE: The US Holiday

    Lokesh Vij (7/3/2013)

    I thought this to be the easiest Qotd ever attempted. Wondering why so many wrong attempts!!

    Correct answers:48%(11)

    Incorrect answers:52%(12)

    Total attempts: 23

    I think a lot of folks run the scripts...

  • RE: Can This Work?

    Another game of "guess what the OP was driving at" rather than "do you understand SQL Server". Sorry, not impressed (again).

  • RE: CHOOSE - 1

    Hugo Kornelis (1/28/2013)

    Tough I applaud the effort to create questions on new SQL2012 functionality, I really see nothing positive about this question.

    Absolutely. QotD gets quite a mixed bag of...

  • RE: Matching Missing Field

    webrunner (1/17/2013)

    I got this when I ran it against a server running Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.4053.00:


    (No column name)



    Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 3

    Incorrect syntax near ','.


  • RE: RAID

    bitbucket-25253 (12/29/2012)

    Kind of sad when the author of a published QOD can not find a Microsoft page to justify the correct answer to the question.

    So here it is:

    Lokesh Vij (12/30/2012)


  • RE: Conditional Order By

    Just adding my vote to the "good question" list. I'm well aware of data type conversions, and spotted the "trick", and still got it wrong through a moment of...

  • RE: Multiple Join Efficiency

    sturner (10/21/2010)

    there is no doubt that breaking up a larger query into two smaller queries via a temp table can make a big improvement. You say you cannot use temp...

  • RE: Design

    Hugo Kornelis (9/24/2010)

    if the table is used in replication, ..., SQL Server requires that a surrogate key with the UNIQUEIDENTIFIER data type is also present in the table.

    Really? ...

  • RE: Point-in-time restore after transaction log backup failure

    GilaMonster (1/19/2009)

    andy.brown (1/19/2009)

    I have working Full backups Saturday 10th and 17th, but the transaction log backups stopped after completing the backup on Tuesday 13th. I need to restore to...

  • RE: Point-in-time restore after transaction log backup failure

    Apologies I've just spotted I've posted in the 2005 forum, tried to delete it but it won't let me.

  • RE: Find last access

    Sadly that's pretty much what I'd concluded. Thanks anyway for giving it some thought.

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