Point-in-time restore after transaction log backup failure

  • I suspect I'm screwed but would like to explain this problem in case I've missed something.

    Setup is SQL2000, Full recovery model, complete backup every Saturday morning, transaction log backups weekday evenings (not ideal, but there it is).

    I have working Full backups Saturday 10th and 17th, but the transaction log backups stopped after completing the backup on Tuesday 13th. I need to restore to a point in Friday 16th afternoon.

    Not being a DBA or by any means a backup expert, from my understanding I believed I could restore the full backup from the 17th, backup the transaction log from that restore, restore the full backup from the 10th, then use the transaction log just created to PiT restore up to Friday? However, the transaction log backup (unsurprisingly) is tiny and presumably only contains transactions made since the restore (ie essentially nothing).

    Given that no Transaction log backups took place since Tuesday, are the subsequent transactions "safe" inside the .ldf file of the Sat 17th Full backup and if so, how do I extract them? Or are they lost forever, removed by the full backup process?

    I have tried researching the issue but seem to be going around in circles. If anyone could give me a definitive answer or point me to a clear guide/forum I'd be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Apologies I've just spotted I've posted in the 2005 forum, tried to delete it but it won't let me.

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