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  • RE: Transaction Log Free Space and Commit

    That makes sense, thanks again.

  • RE: Transaction Log Free Space and Commit

    GilaMonster (11/9/2016)

    Log Reservation.

    Thanks Gail. I had a feeling in my bones that it would be you that answered this one :-). Much appreciated as usual.

    The linked article reads...

  • RE: Implicit Conversion

    archie flockhart (5/31/2016)

    Yes you're right - which makes it a better and subtler question than I had thought.

    Indeed. It made me fixate on this point and select 2 as...

  • RE: Implicit Conversion

    archie flockhart (5/31/2016)

    Without necessarily knowing anything about the conversions involved, you can see that the data being added comes from a single INSERT statement, where the input data is the...

  • RE: A Token Escape

    Toreador (4/28/2016)

    I didn't know, so chose "I don't know", but was told that apparently I did know after all.

    Obviously I'm cleverer than I thought.

    Plus you knew in advance that's what...

  • RE: Unions and Distincts - theoretical question

    Yeah, the pigeons in my particular group of servers are unpredictable little buggers.

  • RE: Unions and Distincts - theoretical question

    GilaMonster (3/25/2015)

    3 and 4 should be identical, both in cost and results. While the optimiser doesn't optimise the distincts out, it appears to use them to make the final union...

  • RE: DBCC CHECKDB<!-- 864 -->

    realised i made a mistake moments after touching submit.

    Me too - when I saw that message saying "sorry, you were wrong"! :hehe:

  • RE: declarations

    Koen Verbeeck (8/19/2014)

    Easy one if you remember Toms explanation of the previous QotD:

    DECLARE @i INT = 0;



    SET @i = 0;

    Thanks for the question!


  • RE: Virtual Machines

    robertjtjones (8/18/2014)

    out of interest what are people's thoughts on running MSSQL on a Virtual Machine?

    In my experience, it's that usual SQL answer to everything - "it depends". At a...

  • RE: Phantoms and isolation

    I got this wrong which was rather disappointing as I thought of myself as fairly competent as regards isolation levels. Too much BI & not enough TSQL in the...

  • RE: ZIP files not working in SSIS (server level issue?)

    Just in the remote chance anyone else hits this issue, the cause was Redgate's Hyperbac monitor.

    It had a file association with .ZIP extension files (amongst others). Hyperbac's monitoring of .ZIP...

  • RE: Difference with DataLength and Len with CHAR and NVARCHAR Datatype

    pmadhavapeddi22 (7/10/2014)

    I have actually thought of this question yesterday :-), I am surprised to see it today.

    (of course, I don't have plans to submit as QOTD)

    This is a little...

  • RE: T-SQL Syntax Gotchas

    Good question, enjoyed puzzling through this one (even if I did get it wrong through poor recall) :ermm:

    I especially like how question 4, even if it did work, is conceptually...

  • RE: Random Sample

    christian_nowicki (7/7/2014)

    The only problem is that the rand function returns the same value for each row. Changing the seed value changes the value returned by the rand function, but it...

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