ZIP files not working in SSIS (server level issue?)

  • Hello all.

    I'm posting this rather odd issue here in the remote chance that someone has come across this before, or possibly just has an idea or two about what I could try or check next because I'm stumped.

    Summary: SSIS package tasks that attempt to create files with .zip extension fail with "Access to the path is denied"

    Detail: This first occurred in a test environment with a package that works fine in Dev (and Prod). The part that makes this problem odd is that it is all about the File Extension, not security. I mention this now to curb replies about checking the security (SSIS Account, Directory Level permissions etc.) :- it's not that, 100%.

    So, I've built an SSIS package as a proof of behaviour, that takes 3 files (a.txt, b.txt, c.txt) and respectively for (a) uses CozyRoc Zip to Create a Zip, (b) uses a script task to create a .zip (using GZipStream - I know this creates a GZIP not a ZIP but bear with me...) and (c) native SSIS File System Task copies the file from c.txt to (yes, creating a .zip file that is not really a zip file). All Three fail with the above message - the .ZIP files are created for (a) and (b), but remain at 0 length. (For (c) just the error message).

    Now, I edit the SSIS package and change the extensions of the destinations (to .ZOP or .ZIP2 or .GZ or .ANYTHING), and all 3 work perfectly. And this is obviously how I know that it's the .ZIP extension not a "normal" security issue.

    So I've initially assumed this is a one-off on this test server because it was the only place it happens, but I've found another box (build rehearsal) on which exactly the same problem exists. I've tried associating .ZIP with various different programs (Windows Explorer, WinZip, 7Zip, WinRar & "no program") and nothing works, and I've googled the problem to death with no luck yet. I've tried creating .ZIP files with the various installed archive programs using their GUIs and they all work fine. Existing .ZIP files can be unzipped using CozyRoc. Existing .GZ (GZIP) files renamed to .ZIP can be unzipped using the script GZipStream decompress. And I can rename files to and from .ZIP using SSIS or Explorer/CMD. It's just SSIS (specifically SSIS) creating a file with extension .ZIP (specifically .ZIP) throws this error.

    I'm starting to suspect it might have something to do with SSIS thinking that .ZIP is an archive "folder" not a ".ZIP File" but I don't know where to go with this idea, proving it or fixing it.

    Any ideas at all? - at my wits end!!

    Thanks in advance

    PS - the "obvious" answer of using .ZIP2 and renaming is not an option, there are (literally) hundreds of packages running in production that create .ZIP files and packages need to move from Test to Prod without modification. I really need a solution, not a workaround, in this instance if there is one.

  • Just in the remote chance anyone else hits this issue, the cause was Redgate's Hyperbac monitor.

    It had a file association with .ZIP extension files (amongst others). Hyperbac's monitoring of .ZIP files appears to have clashed with SSIS's attempt to write to the .ZIP file, as procmon reported shared file access violations, causing a spurious ACCESS DENIED error to be reported by the package, failing it.

    Since use of the tool is necessary on our environments, I was able to solve the problem by deleting the .ZIP association using the GUI ("Hyperbac Configuration Manager" > "Extensions" > Ext=.ZIP, Delete)

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