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  • RE: Where's the Unit Testing?

    Indirectly asked a similar question a few years ago in And while the responses were interesting and thoughtful, most failed to answer the question you and Ben...

  • RE: Ready for Inspection

    Your comment reminded me of a recent private vs. public discussion. After it got past the obligatory government is bloated, ponderous, inefficient, etc. it became clear many of us...

  • RE: BNF Basics

    Some formatting didn't transfer from Word to HTML, such as, underlining & bold.

    Good catch, thank you!

  • RE: Be a Craftsman

    I think Tom Demarco’s observations suggest another interesting idea aside from software engineering’s vitality. Knowing if a software project is "valuable" or "not so valuable" says much about the whether...

  • RE: No More SOX

    Have to (strongly) agree with the ambiguous Mr. Moden. 🙂

    One of the downsides of SOX that I’ve witnessed has been its casual interpretation to justify requests. For example, one...

  • RE: Celebration

    Great job!

  • RE: Budgeting

    Budgeting is all about predictability and risk aversion; it just happens to involve money. If this premise is correct, the "lose or use it" makes a lot of sense. For...

  • RE: Lesson Learned from Contracting, Revisited

    Good catch... "Know thy Contracting Agency" merited several words, too.

  • RE: Beginning at Home

    Google's decision to build local data centers may enjoy another sound business reason according to R.X. Cringely. He suggests a savvy plan to exploit the looming bandwidth issues as more...

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)