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  • RE: Can't find index even though it exists

    Laura Schmalzbauer (4/15/2011)

    IndexID Name






    and the index that is giving me issues is index_id = 5

    Is that the exact output from sys.indexes, with the case of the index names...

  • RE: SSIS and dealing with embedded double quotes

    One way to speed up the preprocessing of your CSV files is to use Log Parser to convert them to TSV files. A TSV should be easier for SSIS...

  • RE: Backup failing to VM Server

    Hi Bea,

    It could be that the VM's time is drifting enough during the backup. Which in turn could cause some authentication related issues.

    For some troubleshooting steps related to timekeeping:...

  • RE: Disk I/O causing performance issues

    Hi Phil,

    Since you used Process Explorer you might want to consider Process Monitor.

    The key is to enable filtering for file activity only, configure it to drop filtered events and...

  • RE: Timeouts

    Hi Paul,

    The server doesn't timeout when running a query (linked servers aside). It's the client that tells the server to cancel a query based on its command timeout value....

  • RE: Query Active Directory from SQL

    Hi Jörg,

    Here's one way to get the binary value from the string as long as it looks like S-1-5-21-aaaaa-bbbbb-ccccc-ddddd.


    S = security identifier

    1 = revision 1 of the...

  • RE: Restoring a SQL Server 2005 Encrypted DB

    Backing up the SMK, DMK and certificates isn't required for a backup/restore situation.

    A) No additional steps required after restoring the database.

    B) Allow the SMK to open the DMK after the...

  • RE: How to copy encrypted data to another database

    I think you're close.

    Rather than creating a certificate with the same name in both databases you should backup the certificate from the first database and restore that to the...

  • RE: How to add locations to Open File dialog box in SSMS

    Here's where you'd find that for SSMS with 2005.

    [font="Courier New"]\HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Shell\Open Find\Places\UserDefinedPlaces[/font]

    Add subkeys Place0,Place1,Place(n)

    Under each subkey add two REG_SZ values

    [font="Courier New"]Name = "Shortcut Name"

    Path = "Folder location"[/font]

  • RE: rows from a table deleted not sure who and/or when

    You might be able to find out when it happened using the fn_dblog function.

    SELECT [transaction id],[begin time],[spid],[allocunitname],[operation]

    FROM fn_dblog(NULL,NULL)

    --WHERE operation='LOP_DELETE_ROWS'

    --WHERE [transaction id]='0000:00027a0a'

  • RE: Job to Copy from Default Backup Location

    Have a look at Robust Copy (robocopy); downloadable as part of a Windows resource kit. By default that will not overwrite files at the destination.

    [font="Courier New"]robocopy e:\Backup-Location\ \\ServerA\NetworkShareName *.bak[/font]


  • RE: prevent compressing of DB files

    Could be wrong but I thought SQL Express had Autoclose as a default option.

    If that's the case then changing Autoclose on each database from True to False should prevent...

  • RE: Flat File Source Failing

    How did you configure the error output? Did you change it to redirect or ignore for every column?

    You could post your .DTSX file and a sample input file that...

  • RE: Flat File Source Failing

    You could add another destination for the errors. For example, add a flat file destination, connect the red line from the source to that and reconfigure the Error Output...

  • RE: Server Too SLow to Run Profiler

    After the trace has been running for awhile stop it by setting the trace status as Perry had shown in a previous post.

    You are probably thinking of DTA, Database Engine...

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