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  • RE: Efficiency

    I have competing (and sometimes conflicting) goals to achieve. There is no time to improve efficiency unless I sacrifice my personal time to do it. It's too bad....

  • RE: Mastery – Repetition, Variations, and Depth

    Andy, I enjoy your editorials and posts. They always seem to be sensible and sane in a sometimes-insane world.



  • RE: First Episodes

    If you're sampling pilots (and it hasn't already been recommended) I would suggest The Beverly Hillbillies. It is hilarious, though I can't say as much for the entire series...

  • RE: Scheduling a vbscript

    This trick works GREAT, and best of all it will work just fine on versions of SQL Server that don't exhibit this bizarre behavior, too. Thanks!!

  • RE: The Technical Nuances of Technical Writing

    Working with SQL Server for 10+ years I confess that as a BA in English this is the least of my worries.

    Try to make a living (outside of academia) with...

  • RE: Documenting the Undocumented

    I gave up on the undocumented extended stored procedures when a service pack broke the one that deletes backup files older than x and every maintenance plan based on the...

  • RE: Does the Role of the DBA Need to Evolve?

    The DBA will continue to be the "plumber" getting the data to the superstars who analyze it. Can you depend on the interpreters of the information to manage the...

  • RE: Would you change to a better job for a lot less money?

    Unfortunately I am in a similar position. I am in my "Dream Job" but my company has slimmed down to the point we are slammed every day and my...

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)