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  • RE: The Build Buy Debate

    Darn been 5 years! :w00t:

    Hmm so Steve reopened this...

  • RE: Where a Rose is not a rose…

    How archaic is talking some one through code?

    Did you not have a smart device - and type the SQL then electronically send it to the guy so he could just...

  • RE: Women in Technology

    Manic Star (1/6/2010)

    MelS-512196 (1/6/2010)

    Just as a point of speculation, we might ask why there are so many more young boys than young girls getting lost in the world of video...

  • RE: Women in Technology

    ok declining numbers - recession is on globally

    Some women in the industry may have left to have a family an upon returning from that hard labour of love found that...

  • RE: Just For Fun: An Impossible Delete

    jghali (10/30/2009)

    Funny how this article just came out today... I was actually on a similar thread last week and someone came up with a great solution...

    My personal opinion the...

  • RE: Putting all your data in one column of one table

    I know of a functioning production e commerce system which uses an EAV table to store order data...

    to generate a report for 72 orders took the poor computer 15 minutes...

  • RE: DBAs and the Art of Diplomacy

    Again I find myself agreeing with the major.

    Tell it straight, shoot the falsehoods down.

    Then again I'm not a manager....:-D

    they only let me talk to clients after they have signed the...

  • RE: DBAs and the Art of Diplomacy

    Consider the word 'fantastic' - flight of fantasy is one meaning.

    So a fantastic management decision - can be whatever you want it to mean 😉

  • RE: Take a Seat

    Your employer is duty bound by law to provide you with a chair thats appropriate otherwise you could suffer health problems and sue them.....:-D

  • RE: 2005 SSIS Custom Script Task to do ftpFindFirstFile

    Hmm spend $500 for CozyRoc.....or......

    :crazy: idea :crazy:

    I know its a windows server it has http://FTP.exe on it.....

    so I can write a batchfile to do an ftp task dir...

  • RE: Checking Up on Developers

    Michael Valentine Jones (5/7/2009)

    The most common and worst mistake is failing to develop a normalized data model that fits the real world data.

    Most developers seem to just throw tables together...

  • RE: Union Benefits

    UK min Holidays is 20 working days

    + we get about 7 public holidays as well

    Most firms have 24+ work days holidays.

    USA holidays suck!

  • RE: DateAdd Function

    David: we are going off topic.

    I think we all agree that again we have a QoD which is not locale neutral.

    This can cause issues with selecting a correct answer.


  • RE: DateAdd Function

    David Burrows (3/4/2009)

    is always YYYY-MM-DD when written this way

    I'll pretend you really did not write or mean that :crazy:

    I wrote it and meant it.

    ISO standard datetime YYYY-MM-DD:HH:MM:SS

    What do you think...

  • RE: DateAdd Function

    Mike John (3/4/2009)

    Alternative answer is :

    2009-09-02 17:30:00.000 -- which is exactly what you will see if you are configured for a UK date format. ie the dateadds behave as...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 337 total)