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  • SQLSimon


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    The US standard for vacation is just 2 weeks????

    2 weeks? I'm stunned.

    2 weeks?

  • peter.lundquist

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    I fell really sorry for you guys in the US, in Sweden we have almost all in the list

  • Mike Cunningham

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    correct me if I'm wrong, there are personal days on top of that aren't there???

  • Shaun McGuile

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    UK min Holidays is 20 working days

    + we get about 7 public holidays as well

    Most firms have 24+ work days holidays.

    USA holidays suck!

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  • Gail Shaw

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    Shaun McGuile (3/6/2009)

    UK min Holidays is 20 working days

    South Africa is minimum 15 working days (3 weeks), generally increasing as a person is promoted (I had 24 at my last company)

    Plus 12 public holidays and a law that states that should a public holiday fall on a sunday, then the monday will be a holiday providing it is not already

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  • toniupstny

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    Some form of Job security and protection against outsourcing.

  • P Jones


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    Compulsory flexitime would be a great benefit to all - you clock in and out, but when you work over you are credited with the time and can take it off when you need it or just work shorter days.

    There are core hours on a day - for us core is 10-11:30 and 2-3:30 and you have to be within set limits at each month end but can take up to two flexi days off a month - plus the 25 days holiday (rising to 30 after 5 years service) and about 10 days bank hols/Queen's birthday etc.

    As a civil servant I've got flexi and decent chairs and good training and a final salary pension and life insurance...

    the pay is just 30% lower than industry

  • Mike Cunningham

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    I'm obviously in the wrong job..... lol, now where's my local civil service based???? 🙂

  • Ian Brown-213389

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    ...a final salary pension and life insurance...

    the pay is just 30% lower than industry

    I sometimes wonder what extra proportion of our income those of us in the private sector would have to sacrifice to get the same pension...but then we'd still have a defined contribution and not defined benefit scheme. But the stock market never goes down and trashes pensions does it?

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  • mohd.nizamuddin

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    We are getting 20 working days leave + 12 holidays (not falling on weekend) + 6 Medical Leaves. What else we require.

    Only job security.

  • Dugi


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    Too many things positive or negative:

    22 work days - Saturday and Sunday is day off

    18 day holiday in year

    15 day sick in year

    Money or budget for any certification no chance! Just yourself if you have!

    Insurance health for the moment no chance!

    etc etc etc!


  • lkammer

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    If i were to say anything, additional training would be good, it is very easy to be out of date very quickly.

    It's the one thing i am constantly onto management about, and it's the one thing that constantly falls short...

  • Grant Fritchey

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    Let me state up front that I am absolutely, adamantly, passionately against unionizing our industry in any way...

    If the gun were held to my head and I was forced to join the union or give up paying the mortgage, I'd want a guarantee of telecommuting. It's the dumbest thing in the world that I'm expected to bring my happy shining face into the office so that I can spend the entire day with it pointed at a monitor, working on machines and processes that are located in another building, just so some manager can walk by and see the back of my head which somehow gives him a warm & comfy feeling of security. If the union could give us that, the other 99% of the suck that it would bring would suck a little less. As to guaranteed pensions... no, I think that's one of the worst things the unions have done to companies, look at American automobile manufacturers. But, some more vacation time would be nice. I've been at my current company long enough to qualify for three weeks, but four would be too sweet (and is more than two years away if I stay here).

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  • TraderSam


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    Overtime pay or comp time. I think I should be compensated for giving up my personal time to do work that benefits the company.

    If it was easy, everybody would be doing it!;)

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