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  • RE: Upgrade Strategies for SQL Server 2008

    Good job Arshad. Really liked the article. Keep up the good work.

  • RE: database size increasing

    Oh ok,

    What is the database log file size then? I mean just the Ldf file size?

    Also check if there is any error in the application which is retrying to finish....

  • RE: database size increasing

    I think its the transaction log file which is increasing. Check if the log file (.ldf) file size is increasing. If this is the case, check how frequently you take...

  • RE: Upgrading a Database SQL 2000 to SQL 2005

    Hi Victor,

    Below are the steps

    1) Install SQL Server 2005 as a different named instance. (If you have done it then you can ignore this step.)

    2) Once installed, install the latest...

  • RE: SQL Server 2008 Launch Date

    Same here. Why MS is releasing a new version when 2005 have not captured the industry.


  • RE: Moving files from one direcory to another


    Agree with Sugesh. And if you are planning to do it from sql server, then use xp_cmdshell to execute the above commands.

    But you will require sysadmin fixed role to execute...

  • RE: 2005 Upgrade Advisor connection problems


    Are you sure that you are trying to run SQL upgrade advisor to SQL 2000 instance?


  • RE: Please help for auditing

    For fixed set of tables, Trigger is the only way dear. By the way why are you so controvert for triggers? If they are properly used then there is no...

  • RE: Please help for auditing

    But the question from Rahul says that he not able to see the values while tracing. :s.

    Rahul, Trapping the older values thru profile is certainly not possible.

    But the 2...

  • RE: TempDB Log Growth

    Then James,

    As you said it was fine before, it might be because of some error in the application... which is causing the same process to re-execute again and again.


  • RE: Please help for auditing

    Don' know why my previous is not appearing so reposting it again. I am sorry if later it appers twice.




    1) Connect to the server where you want to...

  • RE: TempDB Log Growth

    Hello James,

    There can be other reasons for the tempdb growth. I will insist to check all your database queries.

    Extensive use of group by or order by can also lead to...

  • RE: Please help for auditing


    1) Connect to the server where you want to trace.

    2) In the general tab, select SQLProfilerStandard.tdf as template file name for trace. (by default this is the one selected)

    3) In...

  • RE: Please help for auditing

    We can see the values in profiler. Please tell us what steps you have performed to execute the profiler. What all rules you have applied?

  • RE: Please help for auditing

    Stop the trace and click on the Edit icon on the top. Move your mouse over the icons on the top of screen and click on the icon having tool...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)