SQL Server 2008 Launch Date

  • and I have hardly started using sql 2005

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  • Same here. Why MS is releasing a new version when 2005 have not captured the industry.


  • I've seen a report that companies in their droves are realising that Microsoft's Software Assurance doesn't represent any economic benefit unless there are more frequent product releases that at the same time offer tangible benefits and relevant new features.

    Why would you need SA if you already bought into W2K3 and SQL2K5?  My view is that most people would be quite happy on that platform for the next 5-10 years.  This would mean a revenue stream for Microsoft drying up ... unless they can give people reasons to upgrade.  Witness the "rush" to roll out Vista .....

  • 3 yearly releases is more or less the norm, as I understand it. That said, from Nov 2005 to Feb 2008 is actually only 2 1/2 years.

    I believe from my reading so far that SQL 2008 will make the jump from SQL 2000 even more attractive, so perhaps the reason is that MS has found the uptake of SQL 2005 not strong enough, so they are trying to get SQl 2008 out to get people off of SQL 2000 (... and SQL 7). As I understand it, MS only support the current and previosu release, so when SQL 2008 is out, that will make SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 the 2 'supported' releases.



  • How many of us grumbled about the five year period between the release of 2000 and 2005? Now we have a 2.5-3 year release cycle and some people still complain.

  • Wow. I was expecting 3rd quarter for SQL 2008. I've got a server migration and upgrade from 2000 Standard to Enterprise and I was considering taking it to 2005, I think I'll wait. 2000 is doing just fine for us for now.

    Fortunately I didn't start buying SQL 2005 books yet!

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  • I think the complainers were those looking for new features, like .NET or SSIS, and it was a long time to wait.

    Personally I liked the 5 year time frame and I'd recommend upgrading those 2000 servers to 2008 and then waiting for 2014 instead of 2011

  • This ought to be the biggest and buggiest microsoft release so far!

  • I'll beleive the release date when I actually see it come to pass. I don't think I've seen MSFT hit an initial release date yet =) I could be wrong.

  • SQL Server 2005 *IS* in my opinion the buggiest! Of course is a "massive" change from what 2000 offered

    * Noel

  • From what I've heard during 2 years of use from lots of people, this is the most stable release. That might be different in your environment, but the general impression from friends/co-workers/etc. that have upgraded is 2005 is better than 2000.

    I don't see this release date shipping since they'll likely have events planned. If something isn't done soon, it will probably be pulled rather than slip this date.

  • Recognize that Feb 27, 2008 is the "Launch Date".  The release date is not the same as the "Launch Date".  That only means there will be big events, satellite broadcasts, and boxes in stores on that date. 

    Visual Studio will still be "released" by end of the year: http://blogs.msdn.com/dseven/archive/2007/07/10/windows-server-2008-visual-studio-2008-and-microsoft-sql-server-2008-joint-launch-announced.aspx

    SQL Server 2008 is still planned for a "2Q 2008" release (that would be after the "Launch date"): http://blogs.msdn.com/dtjones/archive/2007/07/10/sql-server-2008-to-launch-on-2-27-2008.aspx


  • I'm not sure how much changes and features that they will incorporate in SQL2K8. But i would think they will just add up on top of SQL 2K5..  If you dont upgrade or at least learn sql2k5  before sql2k8, you may be left behind.  Remember there are tons of changes in 2k5 from sql2k.  I doubt it if sql2k8 will be totally different again.

    - joriz

  • I've spent the last 3 months studying for the MCTS SQL 2005 certification. I still plan on taking the exam, but I'm concerned that the release of SQL2k8 is going to depreciate the value of my MCTS SQL 2005 certification.


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