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  • RE: Error: 17883, Severity: 1, State: 0 - can anyone help?

    See if any UMS threads are running..

    You can use this undocumentated DBCC command and see if there are any blocks.


  • RE: Systemdatabases restore

    If you are restoring the master database and also the other system databases where on the different drive to the destination location SQL server wont start they have to be...

  • RE: Operator Emails failing but Tests work...

    When ever the jobs fail to send the notification , first try to send a mail through SQl query analyzer and if it is successful means problem with the agent...

  • RE: Analysis Server Registration Problem

    Apply same service packs both on the server and client accessing machine.


  • RE: xp_sendmail fails

    Hey we had the same problem

    and the reason is that when you are using SQL7 with service pack 2 and if you are using xp_sendmail through DTS package


  • RE: Snapshot Replication

    we use snapshot replication because we do not require the most recent data and the data at the publisher changes once a day/couple of times a week and these are...

  • RE: Sql Mail Error

    May be MSSQLServer and SQLServerAgent services are using the System Account.

    check that these accounts are using domain accounts.



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  • RE: Coding Standards Part 2 - Formatting

    I would go for something like this as it is very easy to read and

    you can see the columns being selected,How many tables being referenced and

    the join conditions pretty...

  • RE: The Case for SQL Logins - Part 1

    This article has both Pro's and con's but as a practice the applications are developed using Windows Authentication it is really hard to digest this so easily .



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