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  • RE: How Virtualized?

    100% of all servers virtualized. Thank You Windows Data Center Edition!

  • RE: The Number that shouldn't be a number

    Eric M Russell - Thursday, December 13, 2018 7:47 AM

    The ISO standard for formatting date strings is YYYYMMDD

    What ISO standard is that?

  • RE: Migration from DB2 8.1 to SQL Server

    Divine Flame - Thursday, January 26, 2017 12:17 PM

    Hi Friends,

    Can we use Microsoft SSMA 6.0 to migrate DB2 version 8.1 database to...

  • RE: Are the posted questions getting worse?

    Steve Jones - SSC Editor - Thursday, January 12, 2017 10:22 AM

    Added a FAQ post. To be udpated over time.


    You may want...

  • RE: Managing Log Files Sizes the Easy Way

    Perry Whittle (12/16/2016)

    Don't shrink your log files, apart from the fact it will very likely introduce massive file system fragmentation it's also very bad for perfomance.

    Each time the log is...

  • RE: How to download a file from internet using SSIS

    gbritton1 (12/1/2016)

    John Bigler (12/1/2016)

    Although I like PowerShell too, as a BI developer, I prefer to keep as much of my code contained within SSIS as possible. So, in similar...

  • RE: Developer Deployment Frustrations

    Eric M Russell (10/11/2016)

    If developers struggle to install and manage SQL Server on their local PC, imagine if they were left to manage the production database server? I guess it's...

  • RE: Developer Deployment Frustrations

    I thought the addition of attaching to database files directly (in Visual Studio) and having separate environments for Dev, Test, and Production was the current M$ way.

    Why would anyone think...

  • RE: Do you have DBA syndrome?

    Lynn Pettis (10/5/2016)

    I just which developers would show me the SQL code they are developing whether it is embedded in the application or as stored procedures or views before the...

  • RE: Do you have DBA syndrome?

    Gary Varga (10/5/2016)

    Wayne West (10/5/2016)

    ...It's a heck of a balancing act. DBAs deserve respect, but they also need to respect their developers and not knee-jerk block any new ideas...

  • RE: Moving the Resource Database

    Robert Eder (12/2/2015)

    I have moved the resource database in previous version of SQL Server. Although, I do not recall if it was 2005 or 2008. I found an...

  • RE: Moving the Resource Database

    Stewart "Arturius" Campbell (12/2/2015)

    tom.w.brannon (12/2/2015)

    I don't deal with this level of the db but it seems like a trick question. At it states 'These files are...

  • RE: Moving the Resource Database

    Carlo Romagnano (12/2/2015)

    Here's a method to move resource database:[/url]

    I never tested it, but, it seems to work.

    It works. So... Who moderates these answers anyway?

  • RE: SQL Injection - The Revenge

    TomThomson (12/1/2015)

    "...have you ever run into resistance in implementing what you know to be vital security features?"

    Yes. But not very often.

    And (this will probably surprise people): the resistance has...

  • RE: SQL Injection - The Revenge

    Jeff Moden (11/18/2015)

    PHYData DBA (11/2/2015)

    Can you point me to the Compliance regulation that demands SSN be encrypted?

    I've not had to cough up the links in a very long time and...

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