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  • RE: Setting up a recurring job (using T-SQL) to restore from backup nightly

    Hi !

    I modified the script a bit like this

    "Create table #BakDir(FileName varchar(255))"

    " Insert into #BakDir exec xp_cmdshell 'dir E:\Name1\*.bak /B' "

    If i do Select * from #BakDir i can...

  • RE: help

    It sounds like the nameresolution on the clients does not work when the server loses intenet access. Check if the clients can find the server when the internet connction is down.

  • RE: SQL Server version

    In EM just rightclick on the server where the Db is and choose properties. It says it all on the generaltab.


  • RE: sqlserver service consumes too much virtual memory

    I agree with rudy. 512 Mb is very low !! It is even low for just running OS on a server !

    My SQL-servers has 4 Gb RAM !


  • RE: Removing accounts

    Of course will I not remove it from model !! Mistake by me  !!

    How about remove it from msdb , tempdb  and distribution ?? What will happend ??

    I just want to secure...

  • RE: MSDTC keeps stopping

    Is it happening every night, or ?? At the same time ???

    There is nothing in the system log ??

    Does any program stop due to backup at the same time ??...

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)