sqlserver service consumes too much virtual memory

  • Hi,all!

    I need help. In SQL 2000 - sqlserver service  consumes too much virtual memory. Server warns about Low virtual memory. Any  suggestions?

  • There are several posibilities:

    1) You may have memory leaking in SQL. E.g. if you use sp_xml_preparedocument and forgot or bypassed sp_xml_removedocument.

    2) You may need more RAM.

    3) It may be caused by other apps on the server.

    You need to figure out the root cuase. Increasing the VM is not the way to solve the issue though it may temporarily mitigate it.


  • How much mem on the server and what are the big users? Look in Task Manager

  • 512MB RAM on the server. In Task manager SQLSERVER service is the biggest consumer.Only one specific client's application works on the server. There is a service,connected with this application, which corresponds to SQLSERVER service.I want to exclude all other problems except for poorly written code which can cause memory leakage.Thanks in advance!!!

  • 512 Mb of RAM is very, very small for a SQL Server with an application executing on it. If this were my SQL Server I'd pull out the stops and go to a minimum of 2 Gb of RAM right away. Windows alone can consume a maximum of 2 Gb of RAM just like SQL Server and any other process on the server itself. In reality Windows will rarely do this unless there is a problem. As for SQL Server if you are running the default configuration it will consume as much memory on the server as it needs (up to 2 Gb). So add in your application with your scant amount of RAM and you've got a recipe for 'paging' issues. Once you add RAM use the task manager for high level RAM con sumption monitoring. If not use perfmon for something more granular,.

    RegardsRudy KomacsarSenior Database Administrator"Ave Caesar! - Morituri te salutamus."

  • I agree with rudy. 512 Mb is very low !! It is even low for just running OS on a server !

    My SQL-servers has 4 Gb RAM !


  • 512MB is low for heavily accessed system with big database.

    But for a samll database with moderate load, it's not so low. I have a db server (Win2003+sql 2000) dedicated to an app. The server just has 256MB ram. The apps has hundreds of transactions per minute. It works well.

    So without knowing the load and database size on the server, it's hard to say 512MB is low or good enough. The problem maybe cuased by mem leaking.

  • I was helping out a couple of years ago with SQL Server on the machine with 512 MB RAM. Sometimes available memory was in the teens. I was complaining every time to the machine's sysadmin and app support untill they requested and installed more memory. Again, depending on what the application is and what queries/reports are running. I saw cases where 4 GB of RAM would dissappear with one query.

    Regards,Yelena Varsha

  • Thanks to all for your suggestions!We found out that the problem was in application.

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