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  • RE: Understanding DDL Triggers in SQL Server 2005

    Oracle has had this functionality for a loooong time. As a result, you might want to look at how Oracle databases use the DDL (and other) System level triggers.


  • RE: The Effect of NOLOCK on Performance

    I am surprised no one mentioned Oracle's locking model. Oracle, from its very inception, prevented 'dirty reads'. Simply stated, all (and I mean all) Oracle versions were able to do...

  • RE: Optimizer Join Methods


    This is a great article on a difficult subject, and you have explained it well. IMHO however, it seems that a discussion on table/column/index statistics and the influence they play...

  • RE: Dynamic Management Objects

    Hi all,

    This is an extremely important set of views and objects that really opens up what is going on in the inside of SS, and MS has *finally* taken this...

  • RE: A Career Poll

    Hi Steve,

    I started off in '84 as a COBOL and Fortran programmer and moved into "Databases" pretty quickly on UNIX in '85. At that time, I was with a s/w...

  • RE: How to be a Good DBA - Strategy and Tactics

    Great article. I would just add a few more!

    A Junior DBA needs to have the ability to follow written instruction while the Intermediate DBA (as well as the Senior DBA)...

  • RE: How To Mess Up An Interview

    "Cuss if the interviewer cusses" is just a small step away from "Lie if your Interviewer (and possible colleague in the future) lies" and later "Twist the books if your...

  • RE: Quickly Moving Databases

    Great article Chris! (shows your attachment to the command line from an earlier life as an Oracle DBA, Mate!)

    John Kanagaraj

    (your friend from way back to '98 in Oracle-l)

  • RE: Comparison of Oracle Drivers


    You should use Oracle for OracleHome92 as the older version has been desupported, and the older version does have some issues with the newer NLS character sets. There are no...

  • RE: Geo-Bee

    Hi Steve,

    All the best to your son, and to the parents as well. SQL Server versions come and go, but a family is yours forever!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)