Comparison of Oracle Drivers

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  • Great Article

    It is one of those things i have always wondered but never had a chance to test,

    Often i have to extract manipulate and transform information from Oracle into SQL server,


    It is good to know which driver is fastest, i always assumed the Oracle driver on OraXXX would be the fastest but you have proven it otherwise,


    thanks again !

    Life is far too important to be taken seriously

  • Great article, but BTW, flushing the shared pool in oracle does not clear the buffer cache with the data blocks in them.

    It only clears the SQL statement from the shared pool.  The SQL statement will be reparsed the next time you run, but typically only takes a fraction of a second.

    Oracle 10g will allow you to clear the actual buffer pools.

  • This is a very good test. We recently moved to Oracle 9i from Oracle 8i and we have been using Microsoft ODBC for Oracle. I was not sure if I could continue to use the same. But my application vendor suggested that I should go for Oracle for OraHome92 since we could be sure it could handle the 9i features though I am not sure if my Microsoft ODBC for Oracle could do the same. May be someone could post a reply on this one.

    Anyway the test is an eye-opener for lot of folks like me.




  • I do not agree with results reported in this article because some versions of Oracle ODBC drivers had performance issues.

    We found that Oracle in OraHome v . was 3-4 times slower than v.

    So, there's practically no performance difference between all reported drivers, but there's great difference in functional features. Oracle drivers are "more native" and therefore have much more features

  • Suri,

    You should use Oracle for OracleHome92 as the older version has been desupported, and the older version does have some issues with the newer NLS character sets. There are no specific 9i "features" that depend on the later ODBC driver, but the newer one certainly has rectified bugs. The difference between the MS ODBC and Oracle ODBC drivers has always been this: The Oracle ones understand Oracle specifics such as synonyms, etc, while the MS ODBC drivers are more generic.

    John Kanagaraj

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