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  • RE: incrementing alpha string using SQL

    This would be a solution to your problem. (Probably some extra error handling will be needed, to check that it only accepts upper case chars, and so on..) But the...

  • RE: SNMP Trapping

    Apparently there is not too much experience on this topic.

    I would like to use the mssql.mib database, but I would also like to be able to raise a custom SMNP...

  • RE: Execute Process Task looses file


    The batch file was calling some 3th party product batch files which call Java and they also changed the active directory a few times.

    I needed to simplified this, and indeed...

  • RE: SQL ADSI Interface limitation


    That was my original question: how to use the page size within a linked server. But indeed, there is no option but to partition. I partitioned on the first charachter...

  • RE: SQL ADSI Query limitation

    By the way, I ended up with the following code. Thanks for helping.


    CREATE TABLE #tmpADUsers

     (  employeeId varchar(10) NULL,

      SAMAccountName varchar(255) NOT NULL,

      email  varchar(255) NULL)


    /* AD is limited to send 1000 records in one batch....

  • RE: SQL ADSI Query limitation

    Vinny & Newbie,

    Thanks, but I knew this. My question is: how can we do this paging from the OPENQUERY function?

    In a vb script (or for that matter any language that...

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)