SNMP Trapping

  • My goal is to allow my Operations department to be notified when a SQL Server event occurred.  Currently, my Operations department is using HP Node Manager.  And according to Books Online, I would copy the MSSQL.mib file from my server to the server/workstation where HP Node Manager is running from.  This will allow HP Node Manager to interpret SNMP messages, if I am saying this correctly.  How do I capture the SQL Server events and send them to HP Node Manager?  In other words, how do I make this work?  I need to better my understanding of SNMP as well.

    Thank you.

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  • Hi Daryl,

    I am contemplating something very similar and would like to hear if anyone out there has gone through this exercise (successfully) before.

  • Apparently there is not too much experience on this topic.

    I would like to use the mssql.mib database, but I would also like to be able to raise a custom SMNP trap, with an extended stored procedure or something. Does anybody know about that possibility?



  • I too would like to know how to use SNMP to raise events from a Stored Procedure or other SQL job. 




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